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But I would say eat over a plate. I would also say don't be so angry. When you deliver that analysis, your passion seems unreasonable for the topic. Matt you're on with Tim Kirk and go ahead. One. Yeah. Do you believe in goes into should I say hi to Jim crush? I believe in goes, even though I've never seen goes. And hopefully never will see it goes because it was big chicken anyway. And what was the what I don't care? It was actually say hi TIs Jim crush, someone at the gym that he has a crush. Oh, Jim Christ. Oh boy. Yes. I think it should be courageous enough to say alone. Of course, I was never courageous enough to do that. Tim who's the most famous person you've stood next to what a urinal. Oh, Joe demise? Yo-? I wanna say nineteen eighty six Orioles press box right next to the Yankee clipper. How about that about that? Wait a minute was that what you called it? No, I didn't call him that I respectfully demise joke that you referred to as packages the anti Clinton Colby. To remind Colby you're on with Tim Kirch. Go ahead. Hates him quick question regarding Ron call. Why is it an MP when a unpire Jack's commander? They're allowed to go back and forth. But another sports like the NBA the referee gives the technical to the coach throw them out and it just gets on with their day..

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