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My gosh. Man. Like I said. Being defensive back is the hardest position in the league quarterback get the praise and yeah, don't get me wrong. Every is sue screaming Hart being back there and you got away with the sender's coming at you and you got a complete ball perfectly every time that's how I get it with do plan defense of back against the world's top athlete. And game. Call packed in a fierce left and right. And then you to one that the other team goes worse, because of a frigging played at happy that you may be slightly tug a jersey that didn't even come in the outcome of the receiver catching the football. And they both flat on that. Um on man. Like, I, I don't know how you do it. Like I, I really don't is it never has been that way. And I always had a mindset of playing the game the way old guys play like the greats to hall of fame breaks. That's how they got there. You know what have got there and only played gang kills heart heart nose, and they played it the right way. And that's what we've been learned. Now, we gotta play a game to wear shoot laundry phone floor every five minutes. Crazy. I don't know. I don't know what to do other than just play my game. I really don't. I mean ended, they, we try to do what we can't limit ourselves from the stakes, but they haven't because you so aggressive in physical, but I, I don't know how you play initiative don't buy hands are tied. I just gotta go out there and play my game. And hopefully, you know, make the, you know, the many buddies on officials aside. Replay booth. I don't I don't know what you see is like any given moment. I don't know if it's the chips that, that they're not. Why saw I saw Richard Sherman responded. Josh, which is like, hey, if, if we're gonna get flagged with this with the new rules or with replay for defensive pass interference. The same insensitive better be for offense a pass interference. Maybe a flag comes out and what might be a pick play gets called buzz down from the booth and white something out in the fourth quarter to Josh, you know, I mean, I feel like you have to have it. But again, we don't make through we play with him. To enforce that are guys that, you know, they never play a game with. Hey, they wanna make and keep touching in touch, and something has already you know what I'm saying? Perfect or imperfect try to make it perfect. And, and that's the thing man. And I feel like that's what we struggle with something that is so great and this game that we've been playing for so long for so long. I think we try to make it rocket science. When really Josh, Josh, you are the man you're the best. Okay. And, and I don't care who tells me even if it's getting when you know what I mean? look you to you. When he winning for is right now. No, I know people on out to I and you told me told me all it took was to snaps at the senior bowl seeing you in two thousand twelve to know that you were the draft choice for him. So he told Oh, Gary. okay. That's something like tanking for. Look, I'm not into their whole their thing. But hey if it works for them. Great. I just say this key continued to pay that man. Deserve every penny. He gets. Oh my God. Josh take care of yourself. What start against soon? Let me know when you're in. L A. Okay. Absolutely, as always boss preach, right back. That's at J underscore. No twenty four on Twitter, right here on the rich Eisen show, the one and only. Spitting truth. He only knows one speed. And he was, by the way, great at dancing with the stars. And I in as you know, I took the final that he made he was into it. He was terrific. He was great with the kids, not just mine, but anybody was a kid that was out there in the audience. I'm a big big Josh Norman fans, you know, big fan. All right. You know, I've got peripheral vision, right? When we come back. There's a rumored individual for the jet job. That really is freaking me out. Yeah. For the gentleman's. I'm freaked out. I know I know. That's next your phone calls. News update also still to come. Frank is Sola. Eight four four two zero four rich stay on hold. If you were there, taking your calling the second in sports at trade can make or break your team. A good one can mean a championship. But a bad one can set your franchise back for years, and it is no different when it comes.

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