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Northwest's on Lee 24 hour News Station Co. Moh news 1000 FM 97 7 New Cove it variants of worrying doctors here in Washington state, even as case counts are steadily trending downward. Come on. Nick. Problem explains why health experts are afraid that 1/4 surge of covert 19 may happen in the near future. Dr. Ali Meqdad says he and other medical professionals are paying close attention with keeping an eye on them. Cases of covert 19 keep going down, but what's continuing to spread our new variants of the virus? Whether it be the UK, South African or one of the several variants founded the U. S. Each new form of the virus means a greater challenge. As the state continues to vaccinate as many people as possible Look, Dodds says That challenge could be even greater as early as the spring. We talking about this suits that could come like in April or may simply because of this new variants are introduced in the United States. These new variants, which some have been found to spread faster than earlier forms of covert 19. Could lead. The case is going right back up in a few months time so we could end up going back up that the type of wave that we just went through during December January, Dr Chris Peters with Snohomish Health District, says one way to limit the chances of this potential fourth search from happening is to follow current guidelines and to keep staying away from people. You don't live with less covert. That's out there, two or three months from now, the less chances will get future variants. The most part, vaccines appear to still work against most of the variance with the South African strain being a little more difficult to overcome. Look dot however, says As long as we stay ahead of these variants, we hopefully won't see a drastic fourth. Serge, you have to keep an eye on what's circulating, preach the vaccine to make sure we are still having looked odd says even if there was to be 1/4 surge, he believes that Mortality rate would still stay very low because of case is continuing to rise. Even if the case arrives, the mortality rate would stay low, he says. There may come a point that we could need an additional boost of vaccine to potentially offset these new variants. Nick Pompom, Come on is the push for a new coronavirus relief package continues in the nation's capital. The latest from ABC is Faith, a boob, a President Biden kicking off an aggressive push of his first major legislative priority. Taking his $1.9 trillion covert relief plan on the road, turning the fight in Washington over the massive relief package into an appeal toe everyday Americans the folks that are on the ground every single solitary day. And they see the pain. The National Post recovered relief comes as the administration has failed to get Republican support on Capitol Hill for the plan due to.

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