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Say the practice has now ended thousands taking to the streets in Washington Heights this weekend to protest election controversy in the Dominican Republic I won a free election I wanna I wanted people to be able to elect a president that day one not that the president and the people who organized election they'll corrupt one oldest people change B. as to a software glitch forced the country to suspend the elections officials in the Dominican Republic say they believe the ballot failure was caused by several people tampering with the country's electronic voting system five fifty check up traffic and transit provider the crash of the cross Bronx now leaves only the subject to closure that's on the eastbound side between Third Avenue and the Sheraton expressway there trying to clear away the solution but we've got some substantial delays on that stretch of the eastbound cross Bronx you're not moving back from the major Deegan expressway George Washington bridge that looks good so tractor trailer quickly cleared away I really no problems there Lincoln and Holland looking all right and queens on the van with north bound there's a collision by the belt parkway up to two lanes are blocked in your slow back from the Nassau expressway and the westbound L. I. E. O.'s also building up as you approach junction Boulevard and into the eighties street ramp inbound side that want to seek out the slowdowns from just about thirty eighth street on up to Hamilton Avenue our next traffic updates coming up in ten minutes on seven ten W. O. R. it was a dream come true as Zamboni driver a forty two year old Zamboni driver becomes a goalie one of the details W. O. R. news dot five fifty one the only live and local talk show for the ride home box next to it weeknights six till seven point seven ten W. O. R..

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