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Day. So it appears we've turned a corner on these storms here in Greater Boston. It is 34 degrees under mostly cloudy skies right now at 8 35 on a Tuesday morning, betting on the ball game could soon be a thing. In Massachusetts. Another move to put sports betting on the books is making the rounds on Beacon Hill. WBC's Karen Regal has details. Baker's proposing a bill as are a number of lawmakers, including Senator Eric Lesser from long metal. Lester also chairs the committee. Looking at the issue. Lester says sports gambling could help US State a bit with revenues viewing sports betting is later balanced. The budget or viewing sports betting is way to generate substantial revenue for the Commonwealth is really just not accurate. It's it's going to be significant and helpful, but it's not going to be, for example, anywhere near the scale. What 23 K was on with the lottery currently is, which is you know, over a billion dollars a year, especially in the western part of the state because under Lester's bill, horse racing would be incorporated. Baker in Lester's Bills would disallow gambling on college sports. Karen Regal WBZ Boston's news radio. Top health experts around the country say they are beginning to see some light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel. But getting there still proves to be a challenge. Many first responders are hesitant about getting vaccinated against Cove. It 19 and that is the case. Right here in New England as well. In Maine, first responders were among the first group allowed to get the shots. Would I love to see 100% compliance? Yes, but as many as 30% of opted out up north. That's according to Sam Hurley, director of emergency services. That's a personal decision that people have to make. A crunch of the data in Maine shows that those opting out include corrections officers, deputies, firefighters and police. Of course, health officials all across the country urge you to get the vaccine. When you get your shot Drew Mohammed WBZ Boston's news radio off the coast of New England. Local fisherman Go Hollywood WBC's match here.

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