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We're about new stories happening right now. But above all, we're focused on your family's well being making your communities safer. So if you're wanting something different, the choice is clear. Good day. L a way taste for 10 on Fox 11. Did you know your ugly cracked stain? Embarrassing driveway patio. A walkway can actually earn your money. I'm Larry Greene, CEO of System Papers, America's number one designer and installer of elegant outdoor living systems this season, Love your home again and turn your old Hardscape Tinto big savings without free demolition and instant recycling cash Credit call system. PARIS Today at 888 pave 002 and you'll save like never before because will demolish Removed your old ugly concrete or asphalt for free and give you an instant recycling cash credit toward our beautiful interlocking papers. SP turf custom built in barbecues, fire pits and wonderful outdoor lighting. This could add up to hundreds, even thousands and savings. But you must call now at 888 pave 002888 pave 002888 p A v 002 or system papers dot com. All orders must be placed by January 31st and must commence within 60 Days of Purchase, See website for Details. Contractor's license 661575 feel incredible because I called 1 800 West Medical Live and local Me if I am 6 40 I Heart radio station. China can show John Coble, Ken Champ Oh, camp. I am 6 40 live everywhere on the I heart radio after everywhere,.

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