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Of the debris piercing the early dawn skies over the Middle East, usually discarded rocket stages re entered the atmosphere soon after lift off normally over water. And don't go into orbit the roughly 100 ft long rocket stages among the biggest space debris We're hearing to fall the Earth. China's space program with its close military links, hasn't said why it put the main component of the rocket into space rather than allowing it to fall back to Earth soon after discharging its payload, as is usual In such operations. Ah, three year old girl died in a farm tractor incident we're told in a field and lower Yakima Valley. The Tri City Herald sharing that the Yakima County Sheriff's office say the child was riding in the bucket of a front in loader driven by her father Friday. Here. The Sunnyside mapped in highway during the afternoon, the sheriff's office says. Somehow she fell or came out of the bucket and was run over by one of the tractors, wheels. There is some cause for cautious optimism for the Southern resident killer whales that frequent Puget Sound. Oregon State University professor John Durban was the Seattle Times saying that in general over the last several years, J Pod is in better condition. And much of the last decade German, also a research associate with an orca health monitoring project, led by Holly Fern Bach of S R three. It's a science and research and marine mammal Rescue, nonprofit. Clell, Um, Bay Man accused of a felony hate crime against the black woman who says he traumatized her. The Black lives matter. Protests in June wants to charge dismissed the Peninsula. Daily News reporting. Jeffrey Dunn contends the eggs he threw it. Protesters were not aimed at her directly. Probable cause statement, written by Port Angeles officers with Sanchez says done admitted to an officer that he yelled racial slurs and threw eggs at the group as a whole coma News Sunday with Mark Christopher I'm Greg her short with his co Moh extra about the prospect of vaccinating Children against covert 19. Here's infectious diseases physician Dr Simone Wilds. I would anticipate that the Children are going to get side effects. Their immune system is very robust. And so I think that you know is it talks about with adults that they get? Very intense reaction, especially after the second dose. I suspect that the Children will have the same. But I will say that those are short lived side effects, and they should be able to get back to their regular activities within a day or two. And she says there are good reasons for parents to get their kids vaccinated when they can. I know that Children do not get a sick they usually have very mild illness. But remember, they can still carry the disease that bring it home to their parents. Their grand parents. Extended family members who have underlying conditions who become very ill end up hospitalized and some cases die. So I think we want to do everything we can to make sure we prevent the spread of the disease from all different age groups on so that includes Children and just like the Children get in the regular immunizations. I think we need to think about the covert vaccine in a very similar life infectious diseases specialist Dr Simone Weil, I'm Greg Hirsch Old Co. Moh news. And now for the weekend version of the Propel Insurance, Money and business report from ABC News Wall Street now so how are you feeling about the economy? We get a few reports this week that could give us a good idea of what many people are thinking. Consumer Price Index and the core CPI. I look at what we're paying from anything's due out on Tuesday with retail sales how.

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