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Like a lot of us who cover the game. And I never met him personally. But everybody who worked with them at terrific things to say about them. I know we had a wife and a few children leaves it just it's just heartbreaking heartbreaking story to be that young. And just have have Lysol young years old. I mean, I'm I'm going to be fought he said, it's at heart failure. Yeah. Oh my God. Jesus you just gotta hope that there was no pain, and it was quick form. But I woke up I was like holy shit. I saw that. And just thoughts and presidents family the consensus. Zygote from just a lot of media members who are tweeting out about him. And you knew he was a well respected guy space on the number of people who wrote comments online, but they said he was very opinionated. But wrote very good articles and stood out because he was himself. And he said what he believed, and you know, if disagreed with you, come after you even mentioned, you had a little rift with Bob MacKenzie back in the day where he was going back and forth. But listen, there's sometimes I disagree with certain media members. And how they specifically ones that continually try to shun the game like something's way more violent than it actually was. And that there's a real problem with the game that needs to be changed specifically when they haven't even laced them up, which drives me up the goddamn wall. But nonetheless, you know, we're all in this for the reason of we want to give our opinion and entertain and try to bring people's knowledge about the game to to a different level. And he got. A reaction from people. You know? I mean that the matter what that shows you good at what you do. If this many people would get upset at what he wrote or agree with what he wrote it showed. He had passionately loved the game. And we were thinking of his family because that was a really shitty thing to lose someone in the hockey family small, and no matter what part you you play a role in a lot of people that are involved were really sad to hear about that passing. And we're thinking of be a lot of fans wrote to me said he kind of wrote from the fan perspective, which is what we do. A Boston kind of tells it like sees it. He's not behold until editors he kinda just wrote from the coffin, and it was a fan favourite, and it just it's just an awful tragedy. We're Poudel hockey media community to show we wanted to ignore it and mentioned and again, extend deepest condolences and sympathies to his family friends in his at the athletic. So hopefully, everybody's doing okay. Subside Nozoe boys we getting ready to fire fired up at hurricanes to edit. This thing get it out. And we'll see everyone. Hurricanes at the garden, and hopefully for our sake the Bruins can make this thing series. But either way business getting after it, he's promised us. This has got check time for the Bruins. They need to pull this out. If they don't win this game. I think the series is kaput Sigua and see the rub is in his pocket. He's not gonna use from his so. I just hi my foreskin. But. In one one quick last thing, and I get into on this fucking online with this guy right now. So do you. So so Klingberg had a pretty funny celebration where he was fist pumping, and he was making this motion with his arm used to make and Grenell posted where your what do you grading the Selley, and I wrote to in the pink and one of the stink gets a seven point seven point eight celebration score and underneath it. I wrote ca- somebody else mentioned it or someone else already put it the underhand being blaster. Listen, it's. Yeah. Like aggressive. So one guy came at me online saying all like what are women going to think of this? When they read it, and I'm like fuck you like there's women who liked it and laughed and dot it was funny. Like, what what you're going to have the safe for what women can think humorous and not like, what type of level of narcissism is that I have an aggressive sense of humor..

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