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Reporter Lauren Zima explains Lee was very active until recently when a series of illnesses. Slowed them down person who actively involved look at them all the way up to eighty ninety five fifty psychotic characters that he created and that we're still personal to him. Of course, he's so well known not just for being a creator. But for appearing in the movie, if he made cameos in pretty much all of these movies that have characters appeared he was respected Shakespearean actor Douglas rain was best known for his work as the voice of hell, the computer gone wrong in the movie two thousand one space odyssey. Rain played complicated characters such as malvolio in Twelfth Night and Claudio in measure for measure, but he's remembered as a computer villain. How killing a crew member by refusing to open the pod bay doors. I'm afraid I can't do that. Then we witnessed house, descent assists, higher functions are disconnected. The American Film Institute names, the killer computer as the thirteenth greatest movie villain of all time. Douglas, rain was ninety years old, Alison keys CBS news. Cable ex news time four thirty three. Rush hour isn't as bad as it would normally on Monday as Roger brand just told us a few moments ago. But wrote concerns are still very real as the snow continues to move through came Alexis. Brett bloom now joins us live. Brett where are you? Now. Was it looked like they're a little further down on fifty five south since we last spoke, Alex, I'm down imperial and from here. Now, I'm noticing that it does seem to be letting up the snowflakes are fewer and far between, but it's a temperature. That's going to be the situation. Also something else I noticed in the last half hours that my tires.

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