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Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Josh Horowitz discussed on Happy Sad Confused


Similarly on happy said confused two living legends jane fonda and lily tomlin on acting activism and their net flicked show hey guys i'm josh horowitz welcome to another addition of happy second fused joined as always buy another living legend sami her break up or you press play though i'm going to die said and we've got mom there and they ruined know the reason josh thinks he's going to die series because he is a cold cold for like a month i had the flu i had to get the food the season we haven't talked at a wall notified the fl every down luke they're revealing helicopter who is i did think i was going to die for about a day you think that alana this was here i could not move it was hot cold yugra high well it was hard to differentiate the the sweat tears sweat from the tears like did like you know any a sect that you cry no feer internet well i guess we have different ways of coping with illness arm no i've been caught at have been caught by the bulk no one now i am apparently after england care costal over that microphone now this is jane fund is microphone yes of welcome back to the show this week we're back with a vengeance took a week off last week because of wars angeles shenanigans was running around covered the golden globes her mtv critics choice of words because i'm a member now with the broke his film critics association on the critic and so that was a lot of fumbled sally didn't have time to record a podcast but hell we're back with not one but two amazing people jane fonda lily tomlin meat trade.

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