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Limited border crossings to essential travel since March. Restrictions that have been extended each month since then, although he acknowledges President elect Joe Biden has a different approach on the pandemic than President Donald Trump. Trudeau says the situation in the U. S remains serious and take will take a while to change that. Meantime, the pandemic is taking a huge toll on public health workers across the state combos, Carleen Johnson reports, political pressure, public threats and an impossible workload or forcing people out. Laurie Jones has been working in public health and Okanogan County for 17 years. After repeated recent threats to her safety, she got a new security system for her home. She's staying on at her job. But in the same office, Dr John McCarthy is not. He's leaving in December, he says. The workload has become too much way don't have to be happy than there's a pandemic going on. But the blame individuals, it's not gonna be helpful. Earlier this year, anti masked demonstrators protest it outside the home of Spokane Health officer Dr Bob Lutz. He was recently fired by the county Board of Health. Carleen Johnson coma news for parents, teachers and students closed schools represent an ongoing struggle and inconvenience. Schools, construction crews, The closures provide a rare opportunity comes Corman take explains school district's all over the state are spending a combination of local and state funding to upgrade their buildings. You know when the shutdown happened in many districts were in progress with projects. I know our district was 10, a Leeds maintenance and operations for state schools, she says. Plenty of work is simply not possible. When students and staff are on campus, not having students in a building was an opportunity that is rare. The pandemic shutdowns have extended their short summer work window. On the other hand, she says, some contractors have build district S'more to cover the expense of covert work. Safety protocols. Corwin Hague Co. Moh news will the wait for help from the federal government continues in Whitman County, nearly three months after a wild fire ravaged the communities of Molden and Pine City. Here's come Those Bill O'Neill with the bad fire destroyed about 80% of the homes in molding back on September 7th, prompting Governor Jay Ainsley to ask President Donald Trump to declare the fire a major disaster. That designation would send millions of dollars in aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide temporary housing and help President Rebuild mold in town Council member Scott Hawkinson lost his home in the fire, he tells the spokesman review many of those who have been impacted were already struggling financially. I did not have insurance fires in Oregon and California and around the same time have already been declared disasters below. Neil Camo News. Ah Farmer restaurant erupted in flames early this morning and Auburn, sparking a response from multiple fire district's crews rushed to the scene in the 4500 block of a street southeast in Auburn around 6, 30 smoke and flames were pouring from the building when the first firefighters arrived. The doors and windows were boarded up, making it tough for crews to get inside. Once they did, they backed out because it wasn't safe. No word yet on how that fire started. Well, let's check in now, with Cuomo's bill, swore to the Beacon Plumbing sports desk in the Seahawks line, their victory nest with Eagles feathers, Bill. It wasn't pretty, but it got the job done. Seattle taking a 23 17 Monday night victory in Philly. Russell Wilson found David Moore for one touchdown. Chris Carson rumbled 16 yards to the end zone in his first game in five weeks. Mia Carlos everybody else and I'm saying contribute.

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