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Guard is searching for eight Marines still missing since the training mishap off the Southern California coast. At least one Marine is known to have died. We have more from NPR's Tom Bowman. Search and rescue efforts by the Navy and the Coast Guard are underway for the eight Marines from the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit. The Marines were aboard a amphibious assault vehicle in the vicinity of San Clemente Island when they're reported taking on water. A total of 50 Marines and one sale were aboard. Two Marines were taken to a local hospital, where one was listed in critical condition and the other in stable condition. The incident is under investigation. Military training does have increased in recent years In several months ago, Congress call for a government review. Tom Bowman. NPR news Nearly seven months into the Corona virus pandemic. Members of Congress are debating whether the Trump administration even has a national comprehensive plan. Well this hour, they're getting a status report from some of the nation's top health officials. Dr Anthony found. She compared Europe's response to the U. S. Is If you look at what happened in Europe when they shut down or locked down and went to shelter in place, however, you want to describe it. They really did it to the tune of about 95 plus percent of the country did that. When you actually look at what we did, even though we shut down, even though it created a great deal of difficulty, we really functionally shut down only about 50% in the sense of the totality of the country. About, she says more than 1/4 1,000,000 people have registered with an age to volunteer for experimental vaccine trials. He predicts a safe vaccine will be available next year, but not to everyone at the same time. Well, another vaccine candidate has been granted. Federal funding is part of Operation works speed the race to find a vaccine by early 2021. NPR. Sidney Lumpkin has more on the more than $2 billion deal for Santa Fee and GlaxoSmithKline. Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline now join AstraZeneca, Johnson and Johnson, Moderna, Novaks and Visor in Operation Warp speed as they all move forward in the race to find a corona virus vaccine by early 2021. The latest agreement, announced Friday morning and worth up to $2.1 billion will find clinical trials and help Santa fee and GlaxoSmithKline scallop manufacturing capabilities. It will also pay for an initial delivery of 100 million doses of the vaccine. This vaccine candidate is not as far along in the clinical trials of some of the others and operation warp speed, which have already entered phase three trials. Early clinical trials for the Sanofi GfK vaccine are expected to begin in September. The companies could file for regulatory approval sometime in the first half of 2021. City Luck in NPR news. The Dow is down nearly 200 points or 3/4 of a percent. You're listening to NPR news. This is W N. Y. C. I'm Rebecca Ibarra, New York City public schools will only reopened if the percentage of people citywide testing positive for covert 19 is less than 3%. Officials laid out plans they'll submit to the state on how they will resume in person classes, including a contact in tracing program in every school mayor De Blasio says they have to hold themselves to a high standard. I'm not going to do anything when it comes to New York City public schools. That is anything less. But then the standard I would set for my very own Children. I want to know every parent wants to know every day. Are your kids safe? Currently, About 2% of people citywide are testing positive. Governor Cuomo says he'll approve reopening plans by August 7th. New Jersey lawmakers have passed a Siri's of police reform measures. They include a bill to require police departments to implement diversity and implicit bias training and strengthen efforts to recruit more women and people of color. A mall. Santa is the director of the American Civil liberties of New Jersey, he says. The measures are positive developments. But true reform will require deep cuts to police departments. And in fact, in some instances these bills will actually require, you know, police departments have more money in their budgets than less. Lawmakers also amended a measure that would expedite the release of inmates due to leave prison in the next year to reduce their risk of contracting covert 19. That vote is expected to happen next month. Well. The chance of showers stays with us most of the afternoon with study temperatures in the mid seventies tomorrow, though mostly sunny with a high around 83 the chance of showers returns tomorrow evening through Sunday..

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