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Yeah do they do they do guys so barged they met each other law opec each other at the base of the skull to break each other spinal cords vicious passed out early are i didn't notice breast robin redbreasts redbreasts is there surname well explain yourselves in the 16th century in the end in the fifteen censoring the fifteenth century they used to give human names so familiar species so it was a red press but then there would be like rope in how you doing it's a robin redbreasts so red presses the surname and red breast it shouldn't be redbreasts breasted should be robin orange breast because they have orange breast but sorry you just before the with changing reds orange in going down that line are you saying that they use to cool birds you're not his true like i think one of those mavis isn't it like a is a thrush us something they call mavis in asia an unbroken is the only christian human named stuck around and the species roland redrose mavis thrush that was but then what you're saying actually the other but it is quite true as well which is that they they don't have rep breast they raise they have orange press but back then in the fifteen thcentury we didn't have the word red amazingly we just didn't have the words so they said that's that's orange because that's what they associated as they lumped into we didn't have the word orange.

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