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Team that won the sport of shield two years ago, went to the Eastern Conference Finals last year. They have switched over a large part of their minutes and they've been able to maintain that success. And I think actually reestablish it going forward as a continued process. So I picked them to win supporters shield last week. I still feel good about all of that. And if you took all of that away, they made like $6 million last week without doing anything. So that alone would have been a positive mood for them in Brendan aronson moving from Salzburg to Leeds, which we talked about on this show was somewhat credit to them for picking the right spot for him to develop and move again rather than the biggest name or the most money they could find out of that move. So overall, a minus for the season for the Philadelphia union, I don't know that they can get an a if they don't win a trophy, this year and so that's what sort of will decide it going forward as they taught her between a and B any thoughts, move on. I'd give him a B plus. I think they've been underwhelming for almost two straight months at this point. Like they don't feel like they're improving. So I go B, B plus, but a minus isn't irrational by any by any stretch. Portland timbers, this is an F for me. MLS cup finalist that's barely holding on to getting a point per game. They've had injuries for sure. But just, yeah, I don't really, it just feels like an F to me. All around grade just, you know, it's just enough. I'm going after the Portland timbers so far this year. We'll see if they can pull that grade up over the course of the rest of the season. Because honors is telling us to move quickly, we won't analyze that further..

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