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You do this sheriff's like us give us a review on your favorite welcome back everyone Louise's face when it comes to ethical behavior in the workplace four or been exposed to over the years the one nobody wants to tattle tale on their superior we like to and you're hey look this person stole money from the company or is patting his a few there that they will suffer the consequences I get a lot of one and of course companies have to say that they want these things to that oftentimes works with whistle blowing in general so it's the retaliation need a project they'll do some work they'll handle report to their superior they hate that they they're they're beside themselves they don't know what to do they just know it's wrong so again it comes back to the company culture and wanting these things to be reported as about what are the rules of the road with social media can they use social media who's really have not caught up with the technology and some companies have no social what can and cannot be done so that's about the third one I would say the advent of social media and it becoming such a big part of the workplace and it getting up to speed on it I think it's getting better it's getting easier I need to get a handle on it but the confusion and the and the fear somebody took credit for my work and then of course the more serious allegations where there's actually been route ethics in general about being you know that it took being kind and all these other.

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