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Joining us Now Dave votes musical founder and CEO of Hub staff to talk about 9 to 5. Get back to work. Will we ever be back the way we were? My vote's probably know, Dave. Good morning. Welcome in. Thank you. So when you look at the job situation these days, I hear a lot of people saying The big downfall in all this is going to be commercial real estate because cos we're going to start getting rid of all that real estate when they find that their stabs Khun get things done remotely from either home of their own officers or You know, instead of coming into a big facility, So is that what you're anticipating as well? I think renewals are, you know gonna be being questioned for sure. But I do think, though, that my my feeling is that companies will end up keeping that same realistic to have. They will need to reorganize desk further apart. That kind thing any more space. They can't cram everybody into that small space anymore. Andi, I think that they also need to offer The office as an option for employees that actually preferred because many that it actually do. Do you work in a you know, is the CEO pub staff. What's your crew? Like what your staff members like in which your setup like We're fully remote. We've never had an office Never will have an office Don't want an office. We have software that helps people work remotely on. Basically, you know, way and our people are all across the world as well. So we have people all over the world. Dave has companies and CEOs and managers and, you know, President Start to think about this. Getting back you talked about distancing inside the office of People have to be in that environment. But for you know, CEO, our president of a company or, you know, a market vice president comes to you and says, Look, we're looking to kind of revamping things we've seen. Our sales force can work from home. They're still meeting their budgets. The numbers are still looking good. What are some of the tips and you know, layout suggestions? You would have folks. They're trying to re re establishing the just pivot to a new type of 9 to 5. Yeah. I mean, I think that people need to definite cos you need to have for sure. Like K p. I's in place. We need to start looking at results. Space work, So we need a hand like that cell force you mentioned. We just need to operate by the numbers, I think. And, um you know what to think about ways to communicate better ways to Track performance better wait, and that needs to be open on both sides. Training needs to be looked at. There's a lot of things that need to be adjusted for sure. Yeah. What do you make the adjustments and you allow people out there? You know they're either going to hit the numbers or not. And if they're not, you know, maybe they do need some assistance and some more training to get that done. And maybe just have that type of setup for offices for managers to meet occasionally, once a Laker, you know? Yeah, That's the thing. I mean, people remote work. It's not everybody. So you're gonna have Tio, you know, understand that and and you know the office. We're going to see the impact. You know very shortly. You think we're going to get back sooner than later? Do you think we're still kind of be battling this and it could be first the next year. It seems like it's going to be a long time till everything's back 100% even when things even if people are going to the office, I mean, different dynamic is going to be. You know, I think a lot less meetings. I think I think the effects of this they're going to go on for a long time. I think of my work is just starting to take off. I see. Ah, huge future Internet work. And, um, I think once people have gotten a taste of this, it's like they can prove that can be effective. And they're not gonna want to necessarily just go back and that companies will have to offer some sort of solution for a flux work. Women work in the future, just, you know, find Attract and retain telling David Vote Thank you, CEO of Hub staff on getting back to the 9 to 5 the way it used to be probably not ever going to be exactly the way.

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