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Panasonic, Bill, Saracho discussed on B&H Photography Podcast


Okay. So you just didn't embassador. So what's your specialty? Do you still videos? You're both. I'm a documentary filmmaker. Okay. So everything I do is either short films or corporate videos, but it's all done in documentary style. I'm a very video focused person. Okay. All right, and I'm assuming using sonic year. Yeah. I mean, I've been using these cameras since the one, right? That's what happened to buy. Because at the time. I thought that was good camera. And then I got the Jewish too. And I got the Jewish three generation has gotten that much Bill for stills and video, but video in particular. I know a lot of the people we know do video. That's that's the camera. That's the machine. Yeah. Well, I've always liked it from a video perspective because they've added a lot of features video people like, yeah, they're not just photo cameras. Yeah. Yep. Yep. Yep. But do you shoot still does? Well, or I've I've gotten more comfortable with it, especially with the five. I mean, I suppose the last few generations this camera. I've had I can always take stills. I just didn't trust myself that I would do a good job. But I think because I started spending time around other Panasonic embassador is a lot of photographers using the same camera. I was using. I just thought she probably switch my camera in Nevada. And see what I can do. And prior to that were you using your phone or you had a point and shoot or whenever you one guy is still what would you do? I mean, I just never took too many stills. I guess it was always on my phone. Yeah. But now, I'm using light room. And I'm shooting a lot of photos. Have you tried the photo mode Fourcade photo mode bowl stills out of you video. I haven't because usually I I feel like I wanna be shooting on shoot four by three. Okay. Full sensor. Yeah. I of want to like have my brain either in video mode or in photo to incline say like, hey, he's long you shouldn't video you might shoot a few photos to. Like that to your what's the problem? The beauty of hey photo mode. Is that you can just do the DO, but you could pull an eight K right still which is. I mean, I've never found that in you know, to be a plan. You know, I think maybe you can do it if it's absolutely necessary. But why think it's just it's good back-up? I don't I don't think anybody relies on a strictly for stills and things it's nice to know that if you shooting if you don't have time to do both you do have the option to pull some frail avid you You have have to go. to go look for it. But you have the option. That's what I think is important. I mean, I covered the presidential election for Bloomberg television. And that's the sort of situation where you would want something like that where I'm there to shoot video pointing the camera at Hillary Clinton while she's talking, but someone on the social media team's gonna ask me for some photos to and you've got it, and they don't need it maximum resolution, and they just eat something really high quality. And that's what you get that. That's the beauty of it. Yeah. So tell us about your films a little bit. Yeah. So the first big film. I made was a documentary called Saracho, which is about the hot sauce and made that two thousand thirteen shooting on a g h three, and I think that was what started to get me on Panasonic radar. And that making that film as the smartest career move. I ever did. It was just a passion project by it's led to everything moved me here to New York. I someone and Bloomberg television saw the film and said we'd love you to cover the presidential election of all things. Hot sauce documentary sense. That seems logical that's thirty three minute films. It's a short film, technically. But for me, that's the longest thing. I've made it was it about the kind of. The making of the sauce the history of the sauce, cultural touchstones, or what was the film about? I got into it. Because I felt like this was a product I was using every single day fan of it. And yet I knew almost nothing about. I mean, I couldn't even tell you what country it came from. When I first started..

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Panasonic, Bill, Saracho discussed on B&H Photography Podcast

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