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They are so good together. And it's just it's unreal. In greenie. I would argue with the are back and Bill Russell way. Also at Havlicek. You also had Cousy also had all these type of guys. Right. So to me, there's no comparison. This is a football thing that there's been nobody out there. Who who the hell is this guy? Julien Ataman was a quarterback in in high in on in college. You know, but whatever he got better and better and all this kind of stuff Wes Welker. Nobody cared about. What's oh. By the way, became a household. Name greatest slot receiver around, you know, so gronkowski. You know, all these things great he plays or he doesn't play. It doesn't matter like the they do such a great job in another guy that I would throw in there that that everybody hates Josh mcdaniels by the ways pretty good coach. Yeah. And you know what? But so their marriage collectively those guys together. I it's it's just been an unbelievable run in an I certainly when a kiss their rings because I would try to kick their butts one hundred percent, I'll be like, no, man. You know, what you're better than me? You know overall? Let's see if you're better meet today. And that's kind of the tape that I I would have on it. And by no means would I went into every single game against Bella CSAK in any. Nobody else ever coached against thinking. I'd win the best win the New York. Jets franchise has had candidly since Super Bowl three was when you went in there and beat them in Foxborough to advance to the AFC championship game. Your second year, you beat them. If I remember correctly twenty eight twenty one scored a touchdown to make at twenty eight fourteen and then they sorta hold on for an onside kick at the end and all of this. But you go in there and beat them in Foxborough that was at the greatest one of your career. Yeah. I think so when you look at there's I I had some good wins. But I I would say you know, that that was I if you just look at it the one game. Yeah. That was huge. There's no question in and greeting. The fact they previously we have played on Monday night and got beat forty five to three by that team forty five three. I was there you know, where nine in to bowl teams are nine into. And all of a sudden, oh, we get smoke like sausage that game. And then coming back. I was when I buried the football and all that kind of jazz. But I told my team that day I said, you know, what we're gonna play in six weeks. I knew we play McGinn. I said the difference. We're going to beat them. But that's okay. We'll address it at a different time. We gotta get better. And by the time, we went around see everybody remembered forty five three what people forgot his we already beat them week too. So everybody just wanted to dismiss that game. All they wanted to focus on was the forty five three. I knew we are Hella closer not. But that was you know, that that was part of the deal and we wanted to play them like we never feared him. Trust me. We wanted to play him. And the only thing that goes back as we beat them way way better than that score indicated. But that was when the Sean green decides he's escort touch. You know, I challenge Anthony, Lynn and all that stuff. I go eight Lincoln we ever pop one of these things like really we're just gonna have to, you know, keep saving your Sunday. And he goes we're gonna score right now. And we did it was like I'll go jogging out of silent than a realize where the hell I was. I remember looking up and saying wise wrecks in the end zone. He was that was my thought also. Okay. One more thing on this. And then I wanna do is a couple of of individual pieces, but Damien Woody is another regular guest on show, and he was an offensive lineman on your best jets teams..

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