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Is the target as Washington passes a strengthened Voting Rights Act. Now that the state has implemented a capital gains tax, the city of Seattle is looking at one of its own. I'm Jeff pozole with details. Reaction coming in from one of the three democratic Tennessee lawmakers who were at risk of being thrown out of the legislature over their role in a demonstration calling for gun reforms representative justice Jones has been expelled in an extraordinary move by the GOP controlled legislature. Is a historic day for Tennessee, but it is, it may mark a very dark day for Tennessee. Because it was signaled to the nation, there is no democracy in this state. Jones and two other representatives called for gun reforms after last week's school shooting at a Nashville school. The Supreme Court has declined to take up a request by West Virginia to bar a 12 year old transgender girl from competing on her middle school sports team while a lawsuit over the band continues. Explosions heard in the Gaza Strip as the Israeli military says a barrage of missiles have been fired from Lebanon. A corner in Los Angeles County says rapper Coolio died of an overdose of fentanyl heroin and methamphetamine back in September. I'm Mark remould. ABC News radio 1000 FM 97 7, stay connected, stay informed. Two 31 will have a closer look at our very soggy forecast coming up here in just a moment. I'm Rick fanciers. What's happening around the northwest and newly passed bills strengthens voting rights in Washington state, according to supporters who say, will now be easier to challenge discriminatory elections. Northwest news radio's car win

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