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It's really what you're kind of leaning on in terms of bringing that young defense up to speed throughout the season. We're talking to Bryce Smith. What's the vandenberg hustle or very prestigious campus publication, a lot of well-known celebrities and stars, tutored there. Let's talk a little bit about you for a second, Bryce, what brought you to Vanderbilt and ultimately, what would you like to do in the industry? Yeah, so obviously, like you mentioned Vanderbilt's a great school, I really, when I was looking for schools, wanted to get a good combination of the academics, but also big athletics and obviously being in the SEC Vanderbilt has the best of both Nashville doesn't really get any better than that. I've had a great time there over my four years. And for me, in high school, you know, I was involved with a number of different publications, so I knew that sports journalism was something that I wanted to pursue and Vanderbilt. There's really a lot of great opportunities to do that and like you mentioned over the past couple of years, we've had some really fine and great people come out of our newspaper. So for me, it's really just taking this time to grow and kind of develop within this role last year I got to last drag out to kind of understudy Justin Hershey in the year before that Simon Gibbs. Two guys who have done a really great job in this sports editor role. And then gone on to different places throughout the industry, whether it be ESPN or fox or the athletic, so yeah, I just really want to use this year to kind of grow and figure out how I'm going to make my mark on the industry. In Bryce, I've met both of them and they really are bright young guys that I'm keeping a close watch on them and so are a lot of people from the industry and we will do the same for you. Okay, we're not letting you out of here without some predictions. And in the past, it's been pretty easy. I think this is a more complicated slate because you've indicated there's a case that could be made for a really fast start for Vanderbilt, which is something that they desperately need. So what do you think overall as we look at the schedule here on the screen? Yeah, so I think like you mentioned a chance for a fast start here. And a little bit different than years past when you're just hoping to get, you know, maybe a win part two. My big thing for Vanderbilt in 2022 is maybe trying to get that third or fourth win. On the schedule and for the first time since 2019 making one of those an SEC win, so I think starting out two zero for sure will be vital. And then the Sam Hartman news for wake forest that kind of changes everything and hopefully will give Vanderbilt a chance and that game three you go up to northern Illinois to finish out the non conference portion of the schedule and then last year towards the end of the year like we talked about with Mike Wright, Vanderbilt was able to have a punching chance against some of those teams on the back end of the schedule. So if they're able to get one of Missouri, South Carolina, I'll put in Florida there this year and knock one of those guys off. I think that would be a really successful season for Clark Lee in year two. Bryce, thank you for being here. We will likely see you guys pretty early on in the calendar. So make sure that we can hook up again when we get to campus. And you continue great success following some big footsteps. A pleasure to have you on. Thanks so much, Paul. It was our pleasure. Bryce Smith, joining us from the hustler, the Vanderbilt school of publication. And we are heading to a break, final 30 minutes or straight ahead. You were listening to the Paul fine bomb show podcast. Let's

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