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Yeah right here's story here is the story that she's trying to sell to us carly kloss allegedly being in a five year relationship with joshua kushner the brother of one jared because when you type in carly kloss josh kushner it says like carly kloss josh kushner engage so i wonder if there's he's the one that trying to plant those seeds that what we're getting from the wind joshua kushner even care of girlfriend carly clause converts that's a headline no because they're not together let's go back and fill in that blank references a maureen dowd new york times piece i don't know but anyway she's trying to explain why her cell carly and joshua are so private together and now they are not together that quiet wouldn't you interesting confirmed guests list confirmed blind item from crazy days and nights dot net meaning they've published a name with this blind item we're going back to the oscars to solve this one going back to the oscars where we have to talk about an a plus lewis mostly television actor former eightplus list mostly television actor and we also have to think about a show runner and another actress who is known for working with the show runner can i ask you a question did you stumble and you met only one eight plus list or there's an alias and a former now it's the same person.

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