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Check weather traffic for here. Jay black and coach curvy smart will start with today's forecast. Here's WSB meteorologist Kirk Mellish, generally cloudy with some spotty drizzle today. High around seventy right now fifty five on Peachtree street. What's happening now? The morning drive. Here's Mark McKay. Twenty out of the western suburbs in recovery mode from a crackdown on the shoulder inside the perimeter near homeless drive east freeway through DeKalb county stacked up Evansville, the Wesley chapel. It is stacked back now leaving the Stone Mountain park entrance headed westbound on. Highway seventy eight WSB jam Cam still shows two lanes knocked out injury crash. Somebody had westbound at I two eighty Orangeville highway as an alternate update. Veronica travel eighty-five southbound around ninety two six seventy five northbound looks good and seventy five northbound delays from terrible, lavar eighty-five downtown, Ashley Frasca. Twenty four minutes on the connector seventy five eighty five northbound between one sixty six and seventeenth street. Earlier. Trouble was on the shoulder right before seventeenth street. And we have a crash on four hundred southbound below Sidney Marcus adding to the delays there. Eighty five south slow in from Claremont road triple team traffic. WSB sports seven fifty six years. Jay black and just ahead. Kirby. Smart thoughts on Georgia's second straight. SEC title is Eugene now prepares for Auburn early line has George the two touchdown favorite kickoff between the hedges Saturday. Is it seven here on WSB falcons? Paul back to five hundred with their third straight victory hammering the Redskins thirty eight to fourteen Julio Jones's first TD of the year next up at the Browns on Sunday MLS playoffs, Atlanta United. What was the first leg of the conference? Semi's one nil on the road over.

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