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The deal be gift beautiful gorgeous we've got with a john lagarto youth the united marine retired he's the former specially for the fbi um great to have you back yanni john good morning how are you talking joy we're good thank you and good so in york prior career ayew pie tip of wanna talk about the grand jury probe that was announced muller at that i guess revealed leaked and this past week i'm in you participated in grand juries is that right eric heart manic okay what do you make of all of this well you've archrivals thickness morning that i i know of no grand jury there have ever not returned to cuba or an indictment rhode island's record my buying uh the only one we know of is the john boehner well would actually the judge has a case and then it can lead to fight antlers but their path you'd refused the right years later we find out that they actually did vote telling guy john and patsy ramsey and then in that case the da who who didn't want to prosecute him just declined it to file the charges say gifted secret for ten years say you're right i guess yeah no grand jury says no nothing here ha well you know the grand your own off you know to make up in that process but it is a federal grand jury there if i between sixteen and twenty three people there in this room they on the other uh purse to people in the room or your courts did not her in a prosecutor they only here one five on the here the prosecution side nick cave and there's nobody there to rebuke care or crossexamine witnesses so that's why you have such a high degree of indictment is because you know here one side of the case you're you're going to believe that side had the voters said that the jury could grand jury composition is intended to be anti trump filled with anti trump people so we'll be nice his greg jarrett and i think this is brewing widow of on fox there's only one other a nation in the world other than.

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