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We'll get in later in the show into coaches the report cards for the first quarter and some of the guys that aren't doing very well. But I will be stunned at this point. If if they're cutter makes it to to midseason because it looks. He. Own firing yesterday. By the way they've they've already named their starter I, they will buy week this week and they've already named that. James is going to be there started when they come back in well, which I totally understand because he looked so good in this. Oh, he didn't. He didn't know what. I don't blame that game on either one of those quarterbacks where was the defense that is that is fair that. So that's a good news, bad news for me. Why don't you give something good news. Good news. Same game actually. Did you go to Home Depot and Sunday up some wallpaper flooring? Did you have time for Home Depot because you all what bed bath and beyond Mitcham palooza did. Wow. Dude had six touchdowns while mitchum palooza is alive and well in Chicago, and here's a remarkable thing. Chicago was a team that went forty two games without scoring thirty five or more points. Forty games. They dropped thirty eight in the first half yesterday. Are you sold on Mitch palooza? No, I don't think we should be. Dan Grazziano says, we shouldn't be. I don't think it came like this. He has arrived that doesn't. It still think is going to be growing. But I think what you're looking at if you're a bears fan right now, it's like, why is offense those mature negroes into it? Then the kinds of days or something that we can maybe look forward to also Khalil Mack. He's just there and he's just a difference maker. I feel like Mitchell Trubisky has the opportunity to be very good. I'm not willing to crown him to suddenly be some elite thrower at this point. But I think he does have the opportunity to be very good. And this is that moment wer- we are reminded the great coaches are able to accomplish great things because we expected some sort of growth from the new coaching staff their offense. And I think we're seeing that early on and I think it's the benefit of your two as well for Trubisky. He's done with all the mistakes and things like that. Now, as long as Ron, that topic, bad news, bad news and Josh Allen is only in what game two as a starter. But after. The bills in eyelid dismantled destroyed the Vikings. I had high expectations for Josh Allen, and he came out Sunday and let me just say this Green Bay didn't look awesome. Like Green Bay barely did enough to win that game and they crush the bills Allen with sixteen of thirty three hundred fifty one yards. Two interceptions and dude with sacked seven times. They'll some of that is his fault. Some of that is clearly not his fault because that offensive line is like a sieve in buffalo, but. When you take the Vikings went out where Josh Allen completed sixty eight percent of his passes by the way for only one hundred ninety six yards. When you take that game out and you look at the rest of his body of work so far, he's got a forty percent completion, fifty four and a half percent completion. And then last week, forty eight and a half percent completion. So you have to continually look at this and say guy as accuracy issues, which is what we heard coming. And it's the thing that we always hear can't be fixed from a quarterback. So I'm looking, Josh, Allen, and I'm thinking, man, even in an era where there are more quarterbacks right now completing more than seventy percent of their passes than ever in the NFL. You've got a guy here putting up a number of forty eight and a half. You cannot have that. That's not your guy, right? That's the excusable part of it. And that's the piece of it that I question whether or not can be fixed, Spain and Fitz, Spain, and Fitz on ESPN radio, the ESPN app and Sirius XM channel eighty Jason Fitz hanging out with Nicole Briscoe who's in for Sarah Spain. You can get into coal on Twitter at Rb. Underscore are s to tell her how much she walks and what a great job she's doing. Yeah, you can only getting to me. Yeah, of course. Jason Fitz only view agree with us. I really shouldn't given that out before we get to all of this ESPN radio presented by progressive home insurance, getting a quote is easier than ever. One of my favorite personalities we have on ESPN is manual show who is..

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