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Of Jennifer Druce's estranged husband is turning herself into Connecticut state police a day after photos to those was arrested again on a new evidence tampering charge in connection with his estranged wife's disappearance last may in New Canaan WC surly castle report as an exhausting fight I love my children do Lewis was picked up at his Connecticut home Wednesday after his girlfriend told state police he transported Jennifer do less is body in a friend's pick up truck the warrant says cops found of blood like substance in the truck they tested positive for the mother fives DNA even though the truck had been washed detailed seats changed right not the pending charges were we intend to plead not guilty to these charges defense attorney norm Pappas do Los's been released on five hundred thousand dollars bail I'm certainly counselor for seventy seven W. A. B. C. news list looking for the person who spray painted a fake crosswalk in Union Township the makeshift crosswalk appearing this morning at the intersection of Vauxhall road and Brookside drive shortly before age thirty two he was also the first day of school in that town the Dow before the bell of four hundred twenty points the nasdaq up one forty seven the S. and P. a forty two he actually get a weekend series in Boston tomorrow Messin fills begin their weekend series tomorrow at Citi field forecasters around you super weather center for the remainder of this afternoon partly cloudy temperatures the mid seventies tonight increasing clouds lows and. sixties tomorrow cloudy with some rain by afternoon as we start to feel the effects of hurricane Dorian as it moves away off the coast winds picking up slightly hi tomorrow.

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