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Right. And hopefully, send the police to get me something and how they're your kids, sir. They are six months and three and a half years. Okay. So they don't have iphones yet. Brin sort of does has won like without the the cell service that she uses too much Daniel tiger because I don't like to give her my phone in your your kids are little bit older. Like, how do you? What are your thoughts on technology and kids, and like at what point will you give them their own cell phone with internet access and everything. And my oldest son already has one I'm full I'm very unusual in this respect. My kids are fully tech enabled. I'm like, very bullish on it. I think it's great. I think they've had pads as long as I can remember probably loaded up with like educational, apps and Google maps, and you know, star walk and all sorts of things like it's amazing actually what empowering tools these are for children. I think that a lot of the like there's a lot of panic around screen time. There isn't a ton of research either way. So there's more we don't know the more we do know about screen time in the impacts of screen time on children, but what I kind of feel like my instinct is that as educational tools exploration tools. They are amazing magical. And it's it's so cool. Like when my son is like asking me questions about Antarctica or something like we can open up the map. We can look at it. And we explore YouTube videos of it, and we can look at pictures of polar bears and read Wikipedia. Articles. And that he is so empowered to go out mind information, I think is really cool and wrote most recently this year, he started to express an interest in talking to our family members who are not nearby. And so we gave him an iphone setup with message. So he doesn't have a sim card or anything. He can't make phone calls. But he can text message with his grandmother's and some of our love that too, right and it. Yeah. It's it's out super magical. They love it. He takes pictures. And since then pictures, you know, he can sit good night tonight and FaceTime with them whenever he wants to. So really like allowing him to kind of independently built those relationships with our family members, you don't live nearby. And I think that is for at least people in our generation, it's pretty rare Philly people actually live near their families when they start to have kids start raising their kids. So that's the other thing. I think is so important about the technology tools is like just the Tele presence of being able to to feel like you have a relationship. Ship with your grandmother who is that was miles away. And to be able to talk to her every day, that's pretty magical important. So like hope that that this doesn't like backfired horribly. I think this generation the the kids that are honestly growing up with YouTube in YouTube has it's not perfect. But it's got a lot of great education on there and other tools out there. I feel like they're gonna be so much smarter than us. The grow up. I think was so much more knowledge and perspective because they grew up with the internet, which is like infinite knowledge infinite is is long as they're motivated to learn it's, you know, you just need internet connection now to learn so much you don't really need a college degree in some cases to to to do certain jobs. Their brains are insane at how they kind of are endlessly soaking up information. How curious they are about everything. So it's like plugging into the internet is like this little fire hose for their brain of curiosity to to get all this information. And I've been watching it for San with my my kids who are preschoolers in kindergarten, and it is actually pretty remark. Qabail like their their brains are built for absorbing information and learning new concepts and with the right tools. You have to be you have to supervise usage. Don't just let them loose on internet. But like with the rights holes in there are great educational programs out there. I think they are potentially going to have a huge impact on children of this generation in their education and their curiosity and overall abilities. So what's what's next with Winnie any need in tease features? You're working on right now. It's supposedly are rolling out our comprehensive childcare discovery product. So you can check it out in the apps or Winnie dot com slash childcare..

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