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And. Until I started calling up some of my apprentice because while I was doing what I was doing I sort of. focused. Host with the blankets just focus on one thing set Business Mrs Dalloway two thousand led two, thousand seventeen. And they're all going through a lot of loneliness. Lot of they didn't know how to grow their business they got stopped some of them have been running businesses for ten years they just plateaued. Anymore 'cause pain associated with growth all. And had the hell did you change cheese and that business that I told you stone from twenty that's headed to a hundred billion in the next is so because of the way it set up, it's got the right foundations. and. So and planned of course, nobody can that. So maybe it's ten years or twelve years at a number, the the trajectories upper. That's why we both business authorities business authorities was built. By business on this business owners to provide that support mechanism but have rather than having these jurors who are in stage in who are trained to pitch you stuff. It's people who experts of what they do because it takes obtained bill the visits in ready get those people to come and teach the people in. Iraq rip how. They've done. So whether you're a branding expert, Oh scaling expert automation expert of sales expert like fading is he's Amazing actually, it was a year ago. Yesterday I mean fading Ran A. An full day that. Sales Marketing and up on our facebook. Alleged today year. Can you believe it will? say. Hits. So that's how. Authorities. And then from business authorities who built business told earthlink allies. Now I, give us a short little thing. In In October. Last year on one of our some back to mylan. One of the people in my line sips said, my lines has thirty six agencies that that accompanied work every day and those agencies are wear white legend. So we build everything folded will make names are. So, one of the people who used to supply by he said, Oh, my as told him I said you stopped ordering from us what's going on over here do not like us anymore. He said no notes on that my business fun as terminal, and so I'm just running around like headless took trying to get everything done. Ikea con-going, generate new business. What are you GonNa? Do with your business he said I'm GONNA shut down. He's been in business for twenty years I said what are you GonNa do after he showed that he said I'm trying to job again I'm sorry to tell you but you completely unemployable because if you've had For Twenty years you're. Going into. and. So he said I said I didn't know what options I have I have by the business from you. We've been supplying them full these as we know the numbers and so we by the he ended up becoming an. Bet Business So From, that mile hand ethnic alliances. It's specializes or me automation marketing automation by phone bills. Business Strategy Building Mobile APPS. In Between just before Kobe hit read into a Seven business in a very short span of time because we knew exactly what we wanted to chase and we did that using the things we teaching does authorities. So that's a little bit of history. Around sixteen years of history how many moons ago eight minutes? Tape. Fascinating journey and. I think there's a one thing that stands out for me as a bit of a pet of growing businesses and you talked about your Ebay store initially that now runs itself and your mom's Kinda. Being an eye on it so So I'm guessing you kind of develop the system that. Everything was systemized and you had prices in place and and probably lots of automation. How how did you added? You SORTA go about setting that up to stop listening replicating it. Show. So if we wanted to talk about back. then. I realized that if I had to keep asking the same things everyday and with Ebay, it's you're providing people asking you questions all the time you shipping it out you letting them know where it is. Now it's not like we have amazing tracking these days until two, thousand, four subject he just dropped it off at the post office you should have it in five days and then after five days. Hey, did you get if you did please leave us a feedback this all menu. Everything's automatically. So basically I've made all the templates and so anytime somebody ordered. You know this is the email that they will get, cut and paste cut and paste. Literally in one or two the work was done for the whole day and it was just incredible. So that sort of that system izing brain that's that's lab me to accelerate system is always businesses and that's once a business assist amazing in grow really quickly and as long as it has right. Foundation. and. Businesses. All right now, you say your your plan is on impacting one billion lives. So what what? Tell us about that vision and what what are you some of the things you're doing because I'm guessing that all as businesses. Feed into that offer show so with. With business authorities in its first share, re impacted the lives of one, million, eight, thousand people and we track that using. Be One J. votes if anybody does no be as he wanted to his created by Masami, Sato end hold on. It is a platform which allows its full transparency. So any money you can choose which calls you want to donate to and one hundred percent of the money goes to those people. It's not like some other charities Adler phases since we pay the fees. So for example, if anyone comes to any events every time we have a course so. Macho is the bush fires, etc.. Came, all the money was donated back to the bushfire appeal at its fully tracked would count as one impact in November in we. Go to the Korean families were cold. Provided, shelter for the. Clothing so every to painter event that money would. Give those people's clothing shelter for the entire winter. So that's one impacts. Now, in one year is a small tiny little business like else can generate one million, eighty thousand impacts in the low. One billion people should not that far off if we all bent. and. So from by using technology by leveraging technology, we can actually have a greater influence on that. So you dealing sample when Cogan hits. I reached out to our community to the wizards commute said, hey guys look coverage here and we've got an idea for contact tracing Nevis nopd governments contact trick snap is a big issue muzzle. So, we built this happened into ten days to thirty people banding together,.

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