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Well, we got pressure Mick going on we got pressured interior pressure, which is very important. And I think we force them to get rid of the ball. Our coverage was very good. I think we we played extremely fast nothing. What we did is. We we limited sort of the the some the packages in and just emphasized on run into the ball playing SAS plane with Asian, and I think our guys did a great job at that. And and being really I think was the best defensive effort of the season. And I think our defense needed that for for for confidence. And I think it's something that we can build on we take for granted he performs a such a high level. What was that a memorable game for him last night in terms of how he played days had a lot of memorable ones? But that's Luke he he was all over the of nothing. You saw that's from talk about as far as the speed of which are players played. They're very comfortable with our scheme, very comparable with the scientists in the mind slow the body down. And then we played extremely fast all over the field house captain Marlin playing for the Panthers at nickel Martin. He did while he really did. Well last night and captains guy who is is very smart knows where to be and and he did a next on job. He's played. Well, the especially the last half the season. He's he he just has kept getting better and better and last night. He played extremely well. Both corners had splash plays. Of course. Did they great out? Well, overall. However, they really did. I mean, James bradberry plays with great vision. And I think what we have in doing. Now, really maximizes his skill set. Obviously the interception off the. Tipo by Thomas was huge play. And then the run afterwards me not the ball out down there near the goal line. I just think they he he he was very comfortable last night. And what he is doing. And then pass games. You know, we have put him on the top guy at times, and he did a good job on Mike Thomas last night in situations. But he's the guy who plays with extremely good vision. And then Dante Jackson just the explosion in which he closes on boats. I think is is really special and he's just going to get better. And better with experience. His ceiling is definitely exciting his future as well coaches like to coach it seems they light to teach. Do you think coach Rivera's enjoying getting his hands more on this defense? I think he really enjoys it. And he's so good at it. And you know, he's got a lot of help. Now. I mean, Eric Washington and his staff do a lot of the work to help run prepare, but Ron she's got a very good deal on on game day. Just as far as you know, the the calls from from down series two series down down. And I think. Again, the emphasis is just on playing fast and you saw run into the ball. And I think our our our defensive players the guys wanna play players won't be able to go and run and just played football. And I think that we did a good job at that. Last night Marty Honey, I'll pay their talk. Let's flip it around to the Panthers offense Marty where do you fall on the issue of of Cam Newton's shoulder? And what that might mean for the offense for the rest of this year. I Kansas has been well in a it's it's very, obviously, it's.

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