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It's anthony because with the orange. Bike insider bengals podcasts. It feels like it has been a year and a day. Since i have taken the area and or we've talked and bengals with you and i guess i should start off with a little bit of an apology on that front. Because we had a great show lined up for alaska last wednesday and i unfortunately had a little bit of a sudden in freak injury. Occur to me on that day So i apologize. We did not take the apologize. It's been awhile since we have not taken the air. I'm still recovering from that. Still trying to find out more about what happened with me personally but At any at any rate i You know just trying to hang in there a little bit in and work through it. But i apologize to the listeners. Because we had everything set up and then it was just kind of a freak deal and Went to the er and the whole thing so not not fun but getting through it and happy to be back talking with you. All about the bengals about mandatory minicamp and all kinds of different things going on with the cincinnati bengals with the afc north with the rest of the nfl. There's a lot of news to get to. it's been an entire week. i can't even can't even believe it. It's been an entire week before we get to the news. I want to let you know aside from this show. We've got a big show plan for tomorrow. We have lyndsey patterson prominent espn espn prominent cincinnati sports media member and You see her all over the place. Bengals beat podcast. Cincinnati inquirer all kinds of different places. So we are excited to have her on the program and talk with her about the sights and sounds from. Ota's mandatory mini camp and everything. So we've got that show and then we will be doing listener. Questions live where we answer your questions live on the air on friday so join us for that submit some questions beforehand and have yours answered on the air. Let's start were. Here's here's what we're gonna do. We're going to start with the kind of general news with the bengals. Some things that have been happening over the past couple of days. And then we'll go into the we'll go into the A slash mandatory mini camp updates and things that we are seeing there. And what you know. What all kinds of different things that are happening there. So let's get it going here. I'm trying to pull up one quick thing before we do in we'll get it set up Let's start if if we can with a little bit of some stuff. That kind of came out yesterday. This is we gotta share this for a variety of reasons. But we want to share this. Because he's one of our personal favorites on this program. He's been on our show. I guess i think it's been three times now. Mike daniels one of our very favorites. Great great guy. He's incredibly personable guy and A good football player. A good solid guy in the bengals locker room This is something through the player's tribune. Where players right kind of their own articles and put it out there. A lot of are long form type articles but this is on cincy. Jungle dot com. Mike daniels calls for juneteenth to be a federal holiday and you can see the entire kind of what his way his take on this growing up and why he thinks it should be a federal holiday. It is june nineteenth Can we won't go through through the full history lesson here. But i do recommend that you read. His article on the players tribune. There's a bit more on cincy. Jungle dot com. Obviously you can see june. nineteenth eighteen. Sixty five is is the date in history but It's it's a really really neat article from a guy who just is incredibly charismatic and has been a great addition to the bengals football team. So we would be remiss if we did not at least highlight this a little bit in in and tell you all about it. If you haven't seen it to go to the player's tribune. Or since he don't go dot com. It's linked the article it to the players tribune in checkout. What mike daniels wrote about juneteenth very very just an important article and a very good read by one of our favorites on the team. The bengals are also working with in case you have not heard. This is since jungle as well working with five coaches in the nfl's minority fellowship program. There is one named mike brown. But not that mike. Brown is our our chief. Jason markham notes in the article on cincy jungled dot com. Coaching interns kenny. Ray augusta's who is a co defensive coordinator and defensive line coach at mckendry university Larry black i believe this is larry black who actually made a stop. Yeah went went on to sign with the bengals college free agent. He was a guy I think it was. He was chronicled in the bengals. Second hard knocks where he had. He was one of those guys that everybody was kind of pulling for. Unfortunately had a pretty bad injury but has gotten into. Coaching is the defensive line coach at the university of toledo. So bengals are bringing him back in this coaching program. Mike brown wide receivers coach at the university of cincinnati Tessa grossman a grad assistant in sports performance coach at illinois state university A graduate of dartmouth college which i believe runs pretty prominent dartmouth college alums in the brown family. So they've got a good A good pulse on things there. Steve langa hopefully. I am pronouncing that correctly. Offensive quality control coach at the university of north texas And then It is bill. Welsh bill walsh fellowship program. Obviously bill walsh spent some time with the cincinnati bengals so the bengals bringing in five Coaching interns. They're pretty cool stuff. There's been a lot of talk. I think the last time. Unfortunately not last wednesday but the wednesday prior we talked about jesse bates in his ranking in this pf system and all this kind of stuff but basically there is some good news here. The bengals secondary overall is listed in the top. Half by of the nfl by pro football. Focus you know. Say what you want about that but that does speak a little bit of volumes. Based on the fact that the bengals lost william jackson top corner they did bring into dobie a ymca. They did they're getting back. Trae wayne's they brought in mike hilton. They added von bell last year. Of course they have jesse bay twos emerging as one of the best defensive players in all of football it the unit ranks fifteenth in the nfl by pro football focus. Ben lindsey of pro. Football focus writes quote a collection of secondary starters that includes trains to dobie a woozy. Mike hilton von bell won't necessarily scare opponents but there aren't many weak links in this group. Either the bengals have done a good job. Solidifying the unit through free agency over the past few offseasons. It kinda reminds me a little bit with the bengals. Have done in the secondary this year. If you go back to like the first few years of the andy dalton era member. They lost jonathan joseph. We'll have more on him and a little bit. They lost johnson joseph to free agency. They got like nate clements. They got terence. Newman they've got reggie nelson. That was in twenty ten and they kind of collected these guys via trades and free agency. And all this kind of stuff and all of a sudden day You know they ended up kind of piecing together through different means a pretty solid secondary. Not one that was absolutely outstanding but one that played pretty. Well under mike zimmer and obviously that's the hope here with this group performing well under lou room. Oh mike zimmer was familiar with quite a few of those guys in that secondary before he got to the bengals in now You know this is kind of a little bit of a similar deal. Flew in a remote guys. He's comfortable with familiar with all that stuff. So pro. football focus has the bengals secondary ranked fifteenth with their rankings..

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