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He really delivered. I came away from an hour. Sat with him really appreciating two things first his passion for the sport and second his racing brain how he navigated his way through the junior formulas when he had no family members to guide him was really interesting and the reasons for his loyalty to dams in formula to where a prime example of that and how we work with the people around him now in order to maximize his chances in formula. One is the mark of a guy with maturity well beyond his twenty-six years. nikki many. Thanks for your time. It was great to catch up. And i wish you every success in the second half of the season until them enjoy the break and before we move on. Don't forget to send in any stories or thoughts that you have on nikki. Were you at the hungering. We weekend to witness him getting his first points. Well let me know and remember all read out the best ones next week. Send them to me at tom. Clarkson f. one use the hashtag f. one beyond the great which brings me onto what you sent in about danielle. Ow detto. After last week's show a lot of you got in touch to say how much you enjoyed that episode and danielli certainly had some good stories to tell didn't he and they'll betty got in touch with this. Danielle data was incredible. Every word he said was so fascinating. That i now have to listen to the whole episode again. Well i'm glad you enjoyed it. And i do agree with you. He's sean new light on mid seventies formula one and otto. Bryce i got in touch with this. I've listened to all of the beyond the great episode and this one was the bath the storytelling and the opportunity to learn about what happened behind the scenes. At ferrari at the nurburgring in seventy six and during nikki's recovery was incredible. Thank you for making formula one even more fun well auto. You are a very loyal listener. And that's great to hear and thanks for your thoughts on the episode with nearly as well. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Danieli is a great guy who shed lots of light on that weekend at the nurburgring forty five years ago. And let's do two more. How about this one. From ashley would house. I could have listened to danieli hours says ashley historians about mr ferrari were hilarious. Well thanks ashley forgetting in touch. I too loved his tales. About enzo and if i had a time machine and could speak to anyone from formula one history or beyond the grid. Mr ferrari would be my choice. What a legend..

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