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Right now about whatever you think are the most important. Data series about our climate. Uh, it's not warming up like it was forecast to We have everyone every every several years. The Department of Energy collect Pretty much all the computer models, general circulation models for climate around the planet, and there Last that was done in 2013, and in that one, you could run them backwards to 1980. You could see that they predicted warming now would be about 4/10 of a degree Celsius per decade. They extremely over predicted warming. Except of the 102 model runs that were out there in this data set. There is one that got it right. And we I think we need a special prosecutor. You know why It's the Russian model, and the Russian model has less warming in it than all the others If the Russian models mimicking reality, while the other ones are are are not What's the responsible course and making a forecast? You follow the model that works. That's what happens every day with the daily weather forecasts. There are a lot of global weather forecasting models that are available to the forecaster, and they don't just take them and take all of them and average them up. And come with the forecast. No, they look at the one or ones that might be working in this particular weather situation. That's called best scientific practice. But what our government does and what the world's governments do and what world government does, which would be the U N I. P. C C. They take all the models. Which are obviously an error on average and the spread of all the models, and that's how they generate their forecast of climate. And their error bars. They don't Specifically emphasize the Russian model, because if they did, the issue would fall apart. It's too cool. Wow. New thing of models has come out. This is this is the really cool part the sixth generation of all these models and they're even warmer. In the last one. And the Russian model. The new version of it called I and M. C C M. 4.8. Is even cooler than it was before. And it gets it right. Mean that scientific practice you go with what works. Non scientific nonsense. You do what the UN and the US.

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