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List of the of ten books that have most than full we're we're we're we're people find it about dennis on my website occupy dopey i continue moving to iran this is that los angeles times editorial trump suggested that it was also equally deserving of condemnation a reminder of george w bush's inclusion of iran and north korea in an axis of evil that also included saddam hussein's iraq what was role with that it was not an axis of evil and by the way it is an interesting thing to you know when i thought the same thing the exact same thing when i heard the speech well this is a reminder of george w bush who singled out a north korea and iran and iraq's saddam hussein's iraq as a the as an axis of evil but guess what iraq today's not part of an axis of evil and why is that because saddam hussein was taken them something to think about when you just say all the iraq invasion was a mistake all right and by the way i was thought i was totally pro the war once the invasion to place i was not pro invasion prior i was ac mastic i had i knew i knew the dangers of iraq and the very very little likelihood of establishing a functioning democracy there i said that on hard boll miliver forget the response what's his name of hard ago chris matthews chris matthews was for awhile really surprised to hear that from you that i didn't advocate going in i'm only saying the seal on the understand amok justifying an earlier position but once we went in we should not have left the graver mistake was leaving but be that as it may there is no axis of evil with saddam hussein's iraq saddam hussein is dead and the at regime is over but why does the la times why does it oppose why did it opposed then and today the classification of iran and north korea and and hussein's iraq as an axis of evil as i've said sits have begun broadcasting.

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