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Text a friend shared on social media and feel free to follow some of the men that you'll hear in here as well you can go to the show notes to learn more about the men who were on this trip you can follow a social media. Posted a bunch of stuff recently about at all and you can see some of that. They're also on instagram. And all those places so very very excited about this and now let's dive into this episode on the Wim Hof Experience in Poland so to give some context for the audio. We're here with a group of thirteen. Fourteen men were in a room in Poland. Were sitting with Wim Hof who just let us through through a breathing exercise. If that's what you want to call it more of a spiritual experience and we've just finished and we wanted to share our experience what it opened up for us and before we do. Can you share in a couple of minutes Context of what we actually did what. It's the purpose this of it. Why you do it and how it helps? People heal themselves breath. We have shown INSCI- as the first ones to reach into the autonomic nervous system inaccessible by humans and now we are so we are using breath not only to go into these deeper systems of our grant within our wheel. Full control will we are here to show that the breath actually is the carrier of consciousness and that consciousness we are able to go anyplace anyplace in our bodies in our brain the the seat of the mind and with that get a comprehension. A what is the soul in the moment right here right now. Nothing abstract a feeling feeling is understanding. So I see you you guys here all big guys and influences window so great it is great. I got got a new. Some new insights always keep on learning. I'm very thankful that we have come together to show that we as big man and are able to become very vulnerable. There is the strength to not be a need to stay in control to go past the control into vulnerability because you want to venture into something else than is given us by our schools. Our teachers doctors and so forth. That's why we have come together now would love to hear. What is you experience? Yeah maybe we'll go with Aubrey. I and maybe what we'll do. Is this same proper. Everyone and share what you're grateful for the reason you came here for this experience and the biggest thing that opened up for you during this session or the first two and a half days so gratitude why you decided to come experience with a win and what opened up for you so far in this breathing or this Tom. I mean one of those questions is really easy because this was an easy S. I mean this is Not only did I know a couple of people here already that I consider friends and brothers. But I've got to spend time with Wim Hof himself and Ainum as well all and got to meet his family and have been practicing. The methods is not as much as I will after being here. I think this is one of the big lessons that I've learned. Is I have a lot of the tools I've been on the path learning discovering my soul my spirit like what that essences consciousness your higher self. Whatever you WANNA call it? There's a million words that inadequately described the ineffable essence of who we really are and I've been on the path of seeking that but I don't don't always remember that I forget it often and I forget it easily and to be reminded that it's just a sequence of breaths away and to be able to do that in an environment with people that are becoming brothers. Some came in his brother's like yourself and now everybody the becoming brothers. It's I'm happy I'm happy and I don't know if I'm always happy it'd be honest you know and like this now now is showing me. That happiness is not something that's ephemeral. That's not something that you know comes to you or it doesn't come to you based on some external thing like you can create it and you created the container by bringing all these people together and then we're creating the internal state with our own breath and it just. This gives control back to something that I think society in the world has take his all his out of our control. We get control back by using the method than And it's just the best you know and then you look at the priorities of your life and you're like what am I doing everything I'm doing for when everything I'm doing. He's not yielding this kind of happiness that I've had here with this group this method in a couple of days and and it's just a great reminder about like what's really important in in which way to steer life from here for it so I'm just incredibly grateful grateful for life life and grateful for our bodies and grateful for teachers like women that can help us get back and remind ourselves who we really are and how to get back in touch with the animal and the spirit inside all Nice Nice Steve. I'm super thankful for for tried in my entire life and athlete and then when you retire it's not built-in for you so to just to become here to try up with breath to drive up with a lot of people That I haven't met before are really only needed to know like one guy was coming and that was you lois. But it's cool to see what you've created breath in this drive and we'll never have another experience like this so for me. That actionable steps. I'll take with this. Experience is is for me to be better keeping the main thing made because I think a lot of us with big dreams and the big desires of our heart we go so deep an obsessive towards that and as husbands fathers do when I get home and I put my my truck in park I walk in the door. I'm bringing that stuff with me I don't want to and I don't WanNA show up that way but that's the world we live in and we're trying to get things done we're trying to create legacy eh and that does that does required obsession but Super Thankful Win. The you've used your whole life to figure this thing out and now now you know it's like a popular cool thing to do what you've essentially delayed your entire gratification of your life now boomer finally starting to listen so Just honored to be here and to help. Spread the word over on the west side. Mankato we need to help. So thanks for having the other way I I came because I didn't want to come. He said they said Hey. Getting a bunch of guys and going off and Google swim off in in in the back of my head like that. That's a hell yes your your fears are COMPASSI. Ask they'll let you know what you gotta go so Said yesterday changed my mind ticket for your change. My mind. It's it's it's been such an amazing thing. I think the gratitude the to have and I've heard a lot of people express brotherhood. This is a brotherhood that is being formed. Not simply because we're all in the same room together because we're sharing unique experiences together. Yeah I've had you know you never forget you. I was the first time I jumped in water. Water water water water water. I'd never jumped pool. What I never jumped blah? I can't swim while tongues them with other guys. It's huge and I've I and I have backed out of it and have not regretted backing out of it and this time was the first time I was surrounded by people that were just completely encouraging encouraging. Wow walking up and Mike immediately being secret is think about it yet. Jump didn't take the by. It was all right but you can do three to one jumped shaming surrounded by a bunch of Alpha males. We're trying to peer pressure me and I think that brotherhood I see in my history Grew up only sisters how often I got myself in trouble chasing the relative looking for it in every all around direction and we in circle of self aware honest. superstrong said it's true strength vulnerability and to be his room and see STU superstrong people. John have this conversations spectrum as it crosses everything. We're talking about the silly stuff and we're talking about deep stuff in which tears and we're GonNa get technical and I think to have access to that is just on forever great report in You know I've received asleep so much that it's it is my privilege but my responsibility to put it out there. Now you gotta put it out there on a local level in my mind the people but also with my community and the folks that that look to me and it's just it's overwhelming Indus experienced breathing as audrey. I said it's it's almost almost unfair. How lucky we are? Have all these tools in there. There is nothing mystical. I've been in some on form of meditation since I was eight and often. It's cyclical varieties. You Mama Slap you if you if you move in to see this. Is You know into here whim to say hey let it let it figure itself out and pressure shoulders relaxing. The pressure goes away and it makes room and the say even simple things like in a bill or tear down. Whatever needs to happen? I think so often we're told this is the way to do things and we get now wait in just so grateful for this opportunity to clear clear. Some of the other thing is the ice melted Zaidi's while before but I love how you said you've never had been around a group of guys who were supportive without pressuring pressuring or saying come on. Don't be don't be a whatever like jump in the water. Don't be scared and you said you've never experienced that. Where was this like supportive encouragement? I mean even now message for my first against tool not like my friends at Acura astles just two friends just like all this year with a bunch of interesting guys. Hopefully that makes you interesting. Hopefully interesting and I think wow you know and again this is is how they were raises tools. And I got out of that and I'm grateful for it but I noticed here too. A lot of people here may be family rich in resources orgin experience rich but as a another much more talented poet said people don't grow on trees. Ah People you can't buy right true you can't buy food and you can't. You.

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