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At mid fifties this afternoon with mostly sunny skies and clouds be pushing in these clouds actually will lead to rain showers arriving overnight tonight so it's going to be a soggy commute come Monday morning from severe weather station on nine first warning meteorologist Austin Winfield newsradio seven hundred W. L. W. still cloudy forty degrees in Cincinnati news is a service of Starfire lubricants in brown county Ohio the lawyer representing the couple accused of child abuse of an eleven year old girl says there's another side to this story and he wants people to hear all of the facts before swimming Margaret I'm Charles breeze are guilty the allegations came after the home schooled girl told an online teacher she was hungry police were called and heard from the child about beatings and intimidation and being locked in a trailer and watched by cameras the child has a severe protein deficiency according to their attorney and that's why she was so under weight Margaret breeze back in court on March seventeenth her husband Charles two days later the fire department in Cincinnati has determined that huge fire in price hill was started by a child playing with a lighter the dumpster fire spread to a multi unit apartment building displacing forty four people opening day for kings island just forty seven days from today and or Ryan took a test run yesterday testings begun on the new Ryan roller coaster at kings island the first train climb the lift hill plummeted down its first three hundred foot drop on Saturday evening the public debut of the world's seventh giga coaster is coming up on April eleventh when kings island opens for the twenty twenty season riders will sit for a cross and Ryan's thirty two passenger trains over eight hills at about ninety miles an hour kings island says it'll be their biggest and fastest I meant res news radio seven hundred WLW UC Bearcats host Wichita state coverage begins in about a half an hour from now tip off is at one o'clock from fifth third arena right here on news radio seven hundred WLW the Reds open the cactus league play against the Chicago White Sox this afternoon in Goodyear Arizona here that game on Fox Sports thirteen sixty pregame starts at two thirty five first pitch at three oh five for more news listen to the daily dive the big news stories explained not shouted listen to the daily dive each day on the I heart radio app or wherever you get your favorite podcasts next update at twelve thirty I sandy Collins news radio seven hundred WLW this report is sponsored by mattress firm big and mattress firms presidents day sale get a king bed for a clean price or a queen first one price for savings of up to six hundred dollars plus get a free adjustable base with the purchase of just for ninety nine shop and save big right now successful companies know that in order to grow faster you must have the right tools whether you're doing a million ten million or hundreds of millions in revenue net suite by oracle gives you the tools you need to accelerate your growth with net suite you get a full picture of your business finance inventory HR customers and more it's everything you need to grow all in one place right from your phone or computer next week we'll give you the visibility and control you need to make the right decisions and grow with confidence that's why netsuite customers grow faster than the S. and P. five hundred net suite is the world's number one cloud business system trusted by more than nineteen thousand companies it's the last system you'll ever need net sweet business grows here schedule your free product were right now and receive your free guide seven key strategies to grow your profits at nets we dot com slash smart that's nets we dot com slash smart nets we dot com slash smart and at Miami valley gaming it's another chance to drive all February twenty ninth one lucky winner gets to choose between a new Ford escape fifteen thousand dollars we just got here with the Ford escape a late day giveaway at Miami valley gaming the twenty one local again the help line at one eight hundred five eight nine nine nine six Hey Gerry Sullivan here targeting really nasty odors around your house and I found a product I can honestly say really works on orders like animal urine smoke mold and mildew odors its owner exit get yours and other exit dot com that's over exit no E. dot com everyone who knows me knows how much I love Montgomery Andrea I live a lot of places let me tell you there's nothing like those original baby back ribs served with Montgomery.

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