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It's Michigan five Wisconsin to duck. Gatley Wisconsin has struggled in the first half of big ten play averaging only twenty five points per pass. They've struck. Pulled to get going. And you mentioned the hot start for Michigan last year. The badgers were down fifteen to two in that game for the eventual halftime deficit that kind of Washington game out for. Yeah. It's be explicable. Really a well coached team your last job. They had their program trajectory kept him out of the tournament. What felt like a millennium? But I do think that this. That one guy that can really break down a deep, and they have to play through happen to have taught thousands of all ready for. But as as much as I love Brad, data cities, not really a dynamic down point guard Trist as well. They're lacking that guy that can create offense for everybody else at defensively. I'm not sure there is good as they bid and their defense is not one that ever turns you over and generate Senator rate set up, I think it's those two factors have had either given dumped blocked by Brad Jesus. That's the type of night this cloud, which is kind of sit on their hands failing it late because the storm overnight one for seven start for the home team to for six for Michigan on the road. You talk about half and never really having that dynamic second player. Even though he's had one hundred and twenty three straight starts and jumpy line said it feels like he's been here for sixty years as Davis. Throws off the it bounce play against the window and lays it in for the second badger bucket. But you wonder what happened to do if he had like Xavier Simpson breaking down defenses instead of him. Backing it every time. Fused with the basketball drives it into the lane. Holtz gives it back twice as Luger's versatile. Six man for the wolverines and up to save your Simpson. He's doubled pop out for the quick three ball is Jordan role of Aleph side. No good. But Isaiah livers offensive rebound shot clock. They'll reset. Matthews Simpson and pool of the backward. Upfront Austin Davis and Isaiah livers for Michigan. Charles Mathews trying to go one on one against get to the lane right hand fake back on the inside of the pivot. No good rebound tapped up by reduce the Brad Davis super Wisconsin badgers their offense. Davison pocket passed a half picked up there by Davis half backing in multiple dribbles. Head fake shoots. It from below the shoulders with a scoop it rolls off the ir to the robot comes away to the wolverines quickly back. The other ways that your Simpson. Driving stops the paint holds it up. Can't find a cutter. Now gives it up to Charles Mathews. Pivots wants twice back to the middle. Short tougher and half controls the rebound. Both teams struggling to put the ball the basket so solid defensively stand between man and bucket. Data drives kicked up a double team. But they give a baseline gets into the paint out to Nate rivers these three point berries. Reverse shooting shade under forty percent for downtown. He added twenty five pounds in the offseason. He's going to be a player for Wisconsin. Well, they look at it as a stretch for five. Meaning a guys regards center position at shoot it out to twenty two twenty three feet long release, but he's always been seen as very good shooting Seder sips of drives down the right side of the paint goes with the extended hook over the head a throwback seventy seven thirteen fifty to play in the first half. Michigan wisconsin. Drives picks up his dribble toast, resets to Davis. It gets it back working on Austin Davis. Triple soft double either the paint over the right shoulder the hook up good. He is very confident going against ASTA Davis. He knows he has the big man's number. Correct. He has that you got a back up on you. Really awesome. Davis wasn't supposed to play this many minutes. They didn't know they lose Faulkner to the NBA. As soon as Austin Davis came in night before last rank you went right out of got her foul trouble. And every time down he's gone by to his kid that was a left block over his left shoulder. Just an easy right hand. Hook Brooks will come in Charles Mathews. We'll take a seat for Michigan. Wisconsin. See the first action today from pixel Charles Thomas. Thomas a senior backup four and five strong at the post beat the capitol. Get a break. Jordan rule drives it back to liquors at the point livers picked up by readers. Couple dribbles crosses over to the left hand. Fires in seventeen. No good. But another offense rebound at this time. It's off the Davis. Get a. Seven wisconsin. Where the lead thirteen minutes. Good. Kevin Davis who. With one hand hung out the almost fell out but Davis scratches for the first time in Michigan ties at night. And the difference is obvious. Once you take the all American Ethan happen off is confidence goes through the room. Reapers gets a town screen the card misses the three point shot. But it was a good look bristle got him. Open rebound. Isaiah differs motored into the front, Gordon. Simpson Simpson is right hands across the to diving Davis for the Xavier ships is not gonna shoot. Behind those ball scrapes. A big Dan Davis sets a screen form out around three point line. But because he's so good at driving it making. You think he's gonna get a layup? Doctor with a bounce pass old fashioned screen rolled off Davis for the dunk. Michigan leads it eleven to nine. Just like that Doug. We see Ethan half backing up. You get the feeling great guard cannot have him out long most games. But especially against the second rank wolverine. I think I think he wanted to have until the under twelve time out at just figured okay now, I can get one more possession more offensive, touch, especially going against us tapes. Twelve twenty four to play halfback in Wisconsin will trigger it in from the baseline Davidson. As Michigan says since rustic is back. It must be like John be light forgot about bras daycares. He did go out a while ago when they libbers gaping you'll come back will replace Seder sips at it. Honestly does happen. That you get upset with the kid because he takes a quick transition three. Maybe forget the assignment to get back in backing down. Right hand fake goes back to the left on the up there, buddy. Vested in a crowd. Rebound offensive rebound to Nate levers. He's got your goal. Chuck. Stop the paint left hand hook in and out tough this for Nate Rebours rebound comes to deliver for Michigan. Here's Eli Brooks with the dribble across the land with the right hand. Be trouble dragged the pivot foot is he got it. There didn't shoot it didn't have anywhere to go. The turnover leads us to the under twelve busy leads Wisconsin eleven to nine a time out of the goal center. 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