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The iheart radio app get your news traffic and weather wherever you go british prime minister theresa may is expected to address parliament this afternoon about the two russians who were apparently injured by a nerve gas attack and remain hospitalized in the meantime british authorities have increased their warnings to anyone who may have been in the same locations as the two vick and this is chief medical officer for england sally davies the people who were in my this this is restaurant all the no pub for one thirty p m last sunday until evening closing on monday should clean the clothes they wore on the possessions they handled while where president trump is issued his gun control plan in it does not include raising the minimum age for purchasing assault weapons to 21 even though the president publicly favor that ideal just last month instead the proposal creating new federal commission on school safety to examine the age issue the proposal also leaves the issue of arming teachers to states and local communities the us congress will be asked to consider new legislation based on massachusetts gun laws boston mayor marty walsh senator ed markey and police chief schramm arlington woburn in watertown unveil the proposed legislation today at boston police headquarters the making america safe and secure act or mass act will authorize the department of justice to make grants totalling twenty million dollars two states but to be eligible for the funds states would need to adopt standards like those in place in massachusetts including giving law enforcement officials the authority to deny suspend or revoke a license massachusetts which has among the strictest gun laws in the nation also has among the lowest levels of gun violence in the country education secretary betsy devos will head the president's proposed safety commission on school violence devoss visited stone mun douglas highschool last week and was criticized by some survivors of the shooting who said the trip was a publicity stunt and the federal government isn't doing enough devos address the question of armed teachers when she spoke with cbs's led leslie stall for sixty minutes who think that to tears shed have guns in the classroom that should be an option for states and communities to consider and um i i hesitate to think of like my first grade teacher mrs or hoff i couldn't ever imagine her having a gun and being trained in.

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