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At Harvard Street. Route two East van just before the L. A Brick parkway. Disabled vehicle is blocking the right hand lane in Cambridge, Laurie Grandi, WBC's traffic on the threes. All right there. Loreal Look Canal at the WBZ four Day Act two other forecast cloudy and cool that's going to be the story for today. Highs around 73 degrees. Some of us will see a few showers and thunderstorms out there later on this evening, down to 65 Tropical storm else's with us tomorrow we have tropical storm warnings all over the coastlines of southern New England and also some flash flood watches. Going to be out there as well All day tomorrow, clearing out Saturday and Sunday. Some sunshine in the mix highs into the mid to upper seventies could see a rain shower out there on Sunday, but the weekend for the most part Looking pretty good. But tomorrow is going to be a mess out there. 66 right now in Boston. It is 9 36 here on WBZ NewsRadio, and we've got Wimbledon going on right now on some dramas building and the women's semifinals. Ashleigh Barty number one player in the world, taking the first set from Angelique Kerber. But Kerber is coming back. 422 in the second set. Shipping up to be a great first semi final at Wimbledon that is ongoing. Mass State police are teaming up with the animal rescue league to protect our four legged friends from heat stroke. Did you just leave a dog in a hot car? Bad owner Even with the Windows cracked, parked in a shaded area When the temperatures 80 degrees, it could be over 100 degrees in a matter of minutes inside the vehicle. Dr. Edwards Cotino of the animal Rescue League is right. He spoke next to a state police cruiser with a thermometer on the dashboard by the end of the 10 minute press conference had maxed out at 1 20 as the temperature increases. So does the risk of heatstroke. If you come across a situation like this in a parking lot, aerials director of Law Enforcement joking says, Try to find the owner if that fails, called 911. If that's taking too long, you.

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