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At sexual assault than you had the recent rob porter incident where a man who had beaten his wives was allowed to stay on at the white house this news it's so much in it you know what happened at the time of the election win it was up against an unpopular candidate that they could not see themselves voting for if there is another alternative that's more palatable yes i can see women voters peeling all jennifer rubin i mean it i didn't have with word more and i think a lot of people were shocked at how many republican women still voted for roy more and are still waiting for that tipping point to happen back to your friend boehner chairman and she's pretty consistent i mean she criticised republicans for excusing greg gianforte difference assaulting a reporter where weirdest somebody like her go at this point i mean is she now branded some sort of rhino even though she's been a very conservative ripped up for a long time well there are many of us who are now political orphans and i get asked that question a lot about my salve obviously i don't consider myself a republican anymore though i'm still a center right to politically interested person on but i i think this is a real problem that they are excluding a whole cadre of voters who for one reason or another not necessarily because of substantive issues monitor friendly may agree with trump on more issues than i do but because of these basic moral these basic character issues his basic fundamental animosity towards american democracy and democratic institutions democratic norms so for those of us who used to feel like there was a place for us and the republican party it's a problem and right now we're kind of rattling around and the question is what becomes of us do the republicans clean up their act does a third party arise due the democrats keep their heads and make room for people who are more centrist than their base and that is the sixtyfour thousand dollar question.

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