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Platforms are monopolies. And I understand that's a headline for you this morning. Sources tell Bloomberg same antitrust officials are very close to a decision on bringing a lawsuit against Facebook, accusing it of using its dominance to harm competition. America's youngest workers started the year with a rare opportunity that boost their careers in the hottest job market in years, But they're going to be ending the year some of the nation's bleakest employment prospects. The jobless rate for young people. 20 to 24 years of age was 12.5% in September. It's nice kid opened higher today. Still optimism about some kind of stimulus coming soon down Futures of 78 points. I'm Ed Cory with a Bloomberg business report on news 93.1 kfbk. Okay, I think so. It's so Eileen all morning. We're going to be rolling out a tonic clips from the debate last night. There was a lot of content. Lot of content right last go around. There wasn't as much to kind of give you a substance in a short sound bite. Those were two different debates, won't they? Yeah, absolutely. Right. So President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden discuss their personal finances and their foreign business dealings at the final debate last night and bite and slammed Trump for not releasing his tax returns. This is a president, I've released all of my tax returns 22 years go look at them 22 years of my tax returns. You have not released a single solitary year of your tax return. What are you hiding? And here is Trump's response. He says. You know what? I've paid plenty of taxes in my lifetime. They said, Sir, you pre paid tens of millions of dollars. I pre paid my tax tens over the last number of years. Tens of millions of dollars I prepaid. So that was the the tax discussion with Trump. How much have you paid? You've not paid enough, he says. I prepaid. I paid more upfront. So that were there was that back and forth, Right? Right. Then they got on Ah, issue of taking money from foreign sources, And here's what Biden had said last night. I have not taken a penny from any foreign source ever in my life. I was surprised that that came up as early and as much as it did. Yes, I was surprised to hear the word never which, if you take a test and you say, never been Suk, so, like never In the hours leading up to the debate, This guy named Tony Baba Lynskey, who was a former business partner of the Biden family holds this dramatic news conference and says I'm not only was Hunter Biden involved in these nefarious, questionable business dealings with foreign companies. So was Joe Biden and I've got phones. I've got evidence, and I'm turning it over to the FBI. So that of course, that's that's everything that doctor turns the thing upside down. Trump talked about blaming Biden here for making money from his family's overseas business deals. All of the e mails, the emails, the horrible e mails of the kind of money that you were raking in you and your family and your you will vice president when some of this was happening, So that was the bombshell going into the debate, and it continued throughout the debate, and we're going to discuss that more throughout the morning. But there was another issue about the relationship that the president had with Kim Jong un, right? Yeah, Biden compared Kim Jong, un. Hitler, as Trump calls him a different kind of guy. You know, people, others and having a good relationship with leaders of other country of the lot of you have a lot of questions to get it on, and we had a good relationship with Hitler before he, in fact invaded Europe. Rushed to Europe. Come on. What? We had a good relationship with Adolf Hitler. I mean, I don't ever recall reading in any history book or hearing any interview that said that FDR and Adolf Hitler paling around Where did that come from? We had a good relationship with Adolf Hitler. When did America ever have a good relationship with Adolf Hitler? Yeah, my husband and I looked at each other at that remark just right anyway. It was a whole different debate last night. And I don't know about you, but I found it refreshing to let them talk and hear their sides. Yeah. There was a good back and forth. There was a good given. Take sometimes you know, some of the interruptions were great. I thought have added some energy to it. Yeah, And I'm okay with, you know, Can you just give me 10 seconds to respond to what he said? But not two minutes? Not 30. Seconds. Just 10 seconds, Okay? And she was Moderator Christian Walker was was good with that. Okay, You got 10 seconds. Then I'm cutting you. I'm so glad you brought that up. She did a great job, and I was a little skeptical going and I thought she really handled it very. I mean, there are a couple of things and Newsome nuanced. Things are not easy. It's not easy, but overall, I thought she did a really nice job. Okay, what we got much more of that coming of all morning on California's major theme parks, including Disneyland are reportedly looking into suing Governor Newsome and the state of California for not allowing to reopen Aubrey Aquino spoke with a theme car. Park representative and what they're saying in planning, and that's coming up in three minutes. Your chance at $1000 to help with your bills, Bills 12 chance today to win $1000 Listen for the keyword to text at the bottom of the hour. Oh, my God. Thank you. Think news 93.1 kfbk..

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