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Be. I don't have time couple of years back. Couple of years We have some breaking news here. Thirty minutes into this beautiful wednesday september. Two thousand twenty one carson wentz officially playing for the ed rappaport the colts. Qb carson wentz be a full participant. Today in practice coach. Frank told reporters he'll be on the field but week one impressive recovery to say the least rap sheet. Not only did he have that broken foot from high school that they had to do surgery on the projected in five to twelve weeks out. He was back in like two weeks somehow. No boot no nothing just walking around doing this. Covert situation is going to remain a situation. Just like with zack. martin just like what. The tackle from the miami dolphins and other players at this is going to happen too. But right now i can stay clearly carson. Wentz coach taking field against seattle seahawks. Luke soul stadium luke. So stadium sold out. Jim mercy said he's adding comfortable folding chairs so he can pack more people into that fucking oil. Can't we are going to go bananas this weekend in russell wilson's be wishing that they traded him to the chicago bears whenever darius leonard boxes picking up that offense one russell wilson buried this off season twenty pays coming off the end. You're talking about a defense kenny. Mosel be locked on winston. Just beat fucking a broken foot surgery synopsis. I never an povich all by his damn self. He's didn't shot. Somehow he fucking roseman in philadelphia. Had him howie roseman from philadelphia. That blew up an entire team. Basically has set philadelphia eagles fans back in time before they even won a super bowl. Which wasn't that long ago. Howie roseman comes out and said.

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