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Of interesting jim jackson here on the show cbs sports radio jim i know it's been asked a lot in it's getting little but i'm really cares about your perspective you played for log time in the nba you know a lot of these guys this warriors team new around them at the finals last couple of years how i mean i know that history will will our judgment will sort of evolve over time and we'll see what they do in the years ahead but where do you think the team that we just saw this team that just one in five lost a single game in the playoffs rolled through a lebrun james team or lebrun played some of the best basketball i've ever seen aren't they at least and consideration for the greatest team of all time right now today while they're they're in a conversation but the their story of still on route where they have your three to five years if they keep trying to keep their core together the do some amazing a phenomenal thing from i'm gonna take it to do so the story is gonna look different fifteen or twenty years from now because the the person that are writing the story of the golden state warriors are gonna be you know they're probably miliver millennials right now they're perspective a totally different were living in the carver we're coming off well you know the history of a celtics in la lakers and and michael jordan the bold in the spurs and we're still trying to evaluate the goal i'm thinking based on that in our minds were still backtracking to go see well fifteen twenty years from now the this is what they saw they felt it's great gold they he had a dominate the nba within a period of time and that cata story going to be written and help you bought a ton bill you've always about parity right well the nba really only have a non your window where with paradigm with seventy two seventy non eighteen wanted high although than that it's been dominated by the three to fourteen that i've won in specific period of time so you've got to give gone they a lay it in the fight in regard hugh where they the over in the overall humid thing of dominating during their time pierre jim jackson here on the show cbs sports radio.

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