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Incorrectly evaluated by the Via if you're one of those vets called to Bach for the payback to beck attorneys dot com are Traffic and weather at 3 10, Debbie's off Tony's Got us covered. Good afternoon, Tony. Good afternoon, John. Right now we are seeing some heavy delays. Southbound 41 kicking in, right said around Silver Spring. It'll get you about half hour highway Q to the zoo. That's a 16 minute delay Dortmund side through the construction, also seeing some backups from the zoo that could help wrote about 14 minutes. That's a five minutes. The Lady your trip. 43 south, Um, brown the road into downtown. Also on the brakes a bit 16 minutes. That's an extra four. Otherwise looking pretty good. He's found 94 Highway 16 through the zoo into downtown 17 minutes. Westbound side. Same thing all clear. Of 94 south Beyond downtown, the Layton Avenue Smooth sailing, That'll take you seven minutes. Traffic and weather together on the pence. I'm Tony Braddock. Wtmj pellet wi dot com Time saver traffic. WTMJ five day forecast for tonight. Clear skies above 68 degrees Tomorrow Sunny and warm. A slight chance for showers. A high of 85 degrees on Wednesday Sunny high 78 on Thursday warm and humid a high of 85 on Friday. Slight chance for rain high of 86 degrees. In Milwaukee. It's currently 81. This is Wisconsin's afternoon news with John McCain. You're Melissa Barkley. On news, Greg Mats, Export traffic with Daddy laws, Ego and Storm Team four's Brian Got her and now broadcasting why, from the Annex Wealth management studio at Radio City. Here's John McCain. You're alright. Happy Monday. Here we go. What a weekend. Melissa's off Mike Spalding is here. I tell you what. There's a different energy in the building today. Everybody talking about the box. Everybody excited. Everybody fired up exchanging stories.

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