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Behind bars. There is an overview interview on YouTube channel in English and in Spanish. To bob inler with traffic all around the beltway in Maryland and in Virginia, traffic continues to run well on the eastern shore there was a crash, westbound on route 50 on the Kent narrows bridge, and that is blocking the right lane. Beyond that, you have a delay from just before route 8 in stevensville, and that goes all the way across the bay bridge into Ana rundo county toward cape saint Clair road where the remnants of the truck crash remains off the road to the right there to be seen, but with all travel lanes open, storm damage and beltsville has Odell road closed both ways on both sides of Springfield road and some other residential streets were affected in beltsville in parts of Laurel and Bowie, this afternoon with those tornadoes. On 95 and on the Baltimore Washington Parkway and on two 70, there are no incidents or delays to report in Virginia, the crash on Henderson road is clear now at maple branch, that is now open in both directions and traffic runs without delay. On 95 north you slow just briefly at the academy 66, that runs without delay in both directions as well. Protect your home from the invisible destroyer termites call home paramount pest control for a free inspection today at 8 8 8 8 home or home paramount dot com. Bob andler WLP traffic. Two jumped in four, meteorologist Mike. And I said, shower, thunderstorm was possible across the region's type of the threat for severe weather has come to an end. I should probably do most of the cloud. It's going to be muggy.

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