Robert Brisson, Mike Uram discussed on The No Film School Podcast - How Starting a Production Company Can Help You Make Your First Film


I don't know if this is the best advice but this is the first thing that came to my head and it's a quote robert brisson device nicely you're you're unquote who the make visible what with it you might perhaps never have been seen i think i'm interested in that filmmakers doing things that are more specific in set of trying to make something again that maybe hollywood wanna see i think if people are me uncovering stories that only day could uncover or that represent something specific where from i think it might result in more interesting terrible i think that's what you did with this movie so really wicked slice of wipe that no one would be able to see must be brought to the screen and hopefully even though it is so specific i think that he really go specific that there's a universality that will emerge from that could help you guys any advice enough for young filmmakers but for young actors ready for young actors yes i am paya lot of attention to what people are doing all the time and constantly speculate and question people's motives and think about what they're trying to get rid of other people in their interactions in the film or in real life in general you can do every day to make yourself into an actor conscious pay a lot of attention and be very genuinely interest in when everybody else around he's doing all the time great add to that was a huge thing like even just like looking for like he's like nestle mannerisms use like look at people around you like how they sit differently than idea well how did they react to people talking to them do they make i contacted they not when did they feel have conscious in tournant themselves like that i was a major part of developing necessarily said no about you but you have to ask for sure for you to mike uram you can you can really drive yourself nuts thinking about how somebody would.

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