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God knows what's going to happen between now and then, but it does look like the gaps are closing a bit. All right, still ahead on morning. Joe Don Mcgann is out the White House counsel has headed for the door just a few months after sitting down with the special counsel. There are several new developments in the Russia probe involving rod Rosenstein and Roger stone with the midterm elections looming President Trump has been on the campaign trail to rally supporters for his fellow Republican candidates during a wide ranging interview with you. Societas press on Tuesday. The president was asked if you would take responsibility, should Republicans lose the house in the upcoming mid terms. As we told you yesterday, Trump said quote, no, I think I'm helping people. I don't believe anybody's ever had this kind of an impact after the AP reported yesterday that Trump dismissed suggestions that he might take responsibility as did his predecessor. President Trump went on the offensive tweeted AP headline was very different from my quote and meaning in the story, they just can't help themselves fake news, White House reporter, Jonathan Lemere spoke to MSNBC's, Chris Jenner. Yesterday to defend the reporting. You asked if he thought he would bear some responsibility. If the Republicans lose the house and the president said, no, I think I'm helping people. And then he took issue with this headline today that Trump tells AP he won't accept lame GOP loses house. Tell us about that part of the conversation. Sure. I mean, socio press. We certainly stand by the interview transcript is they're playing day. We asked the question. He answered no. So Joe, it was pretty clear what the president said. He said, if we win, it was me if we lose it was. In the draft grip. I mean, he's not even trying anymore. It's he look at the Saudi Bill. He tells his own people repeatedly during the campaign during campaign rallies made hundreds of millions of dollars from the Saudi's. I've made forty fifty. They like buying Trump's toys. I got so rich off the Saudis and says, it's fake news. Then I made any money off this audience and that he talks poor Jonathan Lemaire who is I feel so sorry for him because he didn't get these sleep last night, either watching the Red Sox and then. It's a transcript. Anything. So next day he can say, fake news and people that support him are so stupid in so dumb, and it's really insulting them. Then he thinks that stupid and that they're that dumb that they can't just read the transcript and see that he's lying through his teeth. He really, he, he really needs to try a little bit more. I mean, it's this point willy. It's just become embarrassed. Jonathan Lemaire actually tweeted out the full transcript of the interview. If you wanna go to his Twitter handle and read for yourself exactly what the president said. Joining us now, New York, national editor of the cook political report, Amy Walter and national political correspondent for NBC news and MSNBC. Steve Kornacki. His new book is the red and the blue, the nineties, and the. Great. Owlry cab. We'll just amazing at and put it on the back of it right there. Right. To some noises of approval. Let's look at Tennessee. I, we mentioned it come in if we can put that poll up here, guys, Tennessee Senate poll Marsha Blackburn in statistical tie with Phil Bredesen's forty seven, forty four is her lead there. Steve. I mentioned there was a New York Times poll few days ago or last week that had the spread at fourteen points four Blackburn what's going on in Tennessee. Well, the time link for that particular pose particularly long. It's a little different than what we've seen four polls. Now, I think basically this month and Tennessee, it's been Blackburn by five Blackburn by eight Blackburn by fourteen now Blackburn by three. So tough to say, if this shows that we take the fourteen and take the three and say something majors happen, or we can say, I think that over the summer, what we were typically seeing in this race was Bredesen's personal popularity was trumping his party label, so to speak in Tennessee. And I think sensory in Cavanaugh may be that was the event. Maybe it was just inevitable. But since around the start of this month, I think we have seen this trend towards what you'd call politic..

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