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Session for all parties involved which you admittedly i've never done and it was kind of nice so thank you amy amy recipe goal who's the guest forgiving jeff his first taste of what i'm sure is nothing like therapy probably accurate savior as spiegel if you've never heard of her is a very talented writer who i came up through the ranks at rookie at buzzfeed at and is now the editor in chief of talk housemusic music which is a an online magazine i think it's just online on him i don't think it's print uh where musicians right about other musicians and artists as she also is the author of a book called action a book about sex and she is written in for the guardian vice all over the place you know just generally speaking she's just like a a really bright soul very talented writer and a great conversation list and that the risk of spoiling nothing because i really would like it if you listen to all of this deal listener i think we should just get right to the show titles get into it yeah so welcome amy rose how you doing i'm really welcomes for having me yeah of course so i think i was telling you before that we bring people onto the show to talk about the stories that they always struggle the i in also used like the guests that we've mayer is inspiration for collina and hopefully for all of our listeners.

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