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Thanks for that and what's Doris Kearns Goodwin gonna do now I mean if you go Friedman and it sucks that he's dead but at least he's not fat like you thank god he would have hated everything I just said all gosh he would have his retiring I just said he would have loved it if I I roasted him and maybe some day done now don't get money once don't get me is not gonna win yeah all right by the way I wrote to a teardrop and I would ask you that you would keep his family in prayers for this reason and hopefully it's all over now but I can't imagine being married to a man like that in multiple ways but knowing who he really was and and then seeing how he was remembered by the press after a lifetime of goodness and a lifetime of laughs and let him in he had his problems and he admitted all of those problems but to be remembered the way the press tried to paint him had to be hard and I would just as he would keep his family in their prayers even though her diet in the end is what killed him but if she has the cash S. where some more in the way and that way did it happen to us somewhere in the U. S. every twenty three seconds someone breaks into a house and commits burglary just have a few seconds ago and it's going to happen again in a few seconds and only one in five houses has security and and that's because the security companies make it impossible they're irritating sales people the complicated installation bad contracts giant monthly fees but that's not the case was simply safe.

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