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About what not to do. You know that aren't told because there's no connection between the young and the old I think what makes it the university so powerful that every day you are walking into wisdom of people who were three hundred four hundred years ago so right and there's an expectation that they said while you walk in these halls that not only do you know in word but you feel off you know and I think that could be a model in our communities that will be very powerful. You know this incredible. Oh history here in history. There's an expectation and you walk in it every day. You could feel it. You are connected to the past in a deep way as chart the future so I think if our communities could experience that it would be different here from the L.. Sustainable Food Program. This has been chewing the follow. Eric Kahn cats work on twitter instagram at Khan cat underscore. This episode was produced by Amy Jong. Thomas Hakin and myself early mixing by Ryan mcevoy the Broadcast Studio Studio Music by Eddie Joan. Tonio Lewis Felice Artwork by Logan Howard program support by Jacqueline Mono Jeremy Oldfield no macy and marked Bomford special things to Pearson College the Yell Center for the Study of race indignity and transnational migration for supporting visit as always. We'll see you in two weeks..

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