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You can take it away i am a okay with that you definitely did on it but all right we'll take it away then i will i will graciously bow out of the the seton hall ending the fact that that game went over that there plus four and a half against kansas they this guy carrington hit nine bomb threes in a row with a game just always making sure they fall if you miss any of them you stop falling hit them in a row then they take the guy out on the last possession they took carrington out i'm watching them like i had seen home i know you're taking out this guy who's fucking on fire i don't even know who the shot for seton hall it was like a running three of the buzzers the video the vegas sportsbook like people are literally yeah they're calling for an investigation in the sports book that was not asked to be investigated it's like what it wasn't like that entire room groening it seems like dead serious that's the only fan invest one investigation there was that there was just bomb this three buddy i don't know you could think the secondly and then obviously michigan michelle mcgann i was that in that video i saw i i was that was borderline flacco that was the same voice the same everything less than a second way from turning it off because wilbur we missed it was like three seconds left were down to send an end to the free throw line and and that that happened i'm used as every and also the imports.

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