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Although I just talked to hamper the sort of filling goes a long offseason. it was and you know right off the the the start here it is such a pleasure to be back in the studio with you the car man and the legendary interpret events in our dear friend. going because Lasky but you know just to kind of get things kicked off your guys it was two and a half months ago we had the one hundred year bear celebration where are you the legend Errol brown a **** in front of a crowd of thousands basically. told came Hicks one of our favorite players on the team guess what. there's no more rebuilding the time is now let's put it all on the table let's see what you got and last year it was it was more than the orders it was job your playoff run that unfortunate we don't know how it ended but this is the hero baby this is the year no tomorrow well tell you what Danny you know you the old adage you know the heroes are point in the right direction and you got a ownership you get management and you've got the coaching staff and the players that they're trying to read through everything and and it sounds like they're ready to go they're ready to go and I can tell you something what a way to open up to twenty nineteen season. here in Chicago whole. a hundred the anniversary one hundred years of playing football Chicago Bears against the dreaded Green Bay Packers on a Thursday night and the whole world will be watching and you guys on that team and bears coaches you better have these guys ready okay last year it was there for the taking and you let it slip through your hands okay not anymore not anymore meet the challenging coming September fifth at eight PM and take the Packers down and crush him. Glenn Kozlowski good afternoon to you Sir you know I don't know how to follow that up because I still always miss that passion and gag that is great that we're all on together again honestly you know you you as we start getting older now and I know you understand this better than anybody but it's just good to hear everybody's voice and that's important when it's all said and done right a look at that a little cool by Yom. before we get into everything but the thing and you know it's a new NFL. I hope to hear the ready but we don't know what the government so you don't play at all this year. it is one of those things and and I know we've talked about this this is a new NFL and the only team that seems to still play players are the New England Patriots and quite frankly they're not very good so why would they do that I don't know. no one. what and I think what you're alluding to is the fact that. I'm not the you can go another hundred years. actress has value. even the preseason games they have value now matinee he the new yeah the second year coach of the bears is basically decided to pre season is it is pointless it's that they don't they don't have any use for and obviously the fear of injury of whatever sort you know cam Newton springs an ankle in the whole league rolls up in a ball and and get scared I I I don't understand it but I'll tell you this because in our private phone calls. O. V. is is adamant about this one thing Hey okay meant that he wants to reinvent the pre season temple of football and that nobody nobody plays in the games except for the the scrubs trying to make the forty fifteen forty six spot on the team well okay that's fine that's good as long as opening night you go out and you close the deal now that's what everybody is gonna be turned in to watch well you know there are a few things and and and I hope Nagy's got this thing dialed in right from week to week not the weekends when they played the four exhibition games but I'll tell you what again I hope yes it dialed incorrectly because Glen as something this is something you can speak to offensively in the passing game and this is about all things being equal okay all things being equal. the most important thing in the passing game is timing. and the only way you can get that is by playing in real time. and then since we don't have we didn't actually go there the the four exhibition games. and is this league pass the league absolutely so I hope now he's got this figured out what it is but again and not to talk in circles I think all things being equal I would say gland that's the number one thing is timing on a pass the route that is vital. no hundred percent ad and it doesn't happen because. you go at eighty percent or what you think's a hundred percent in practice because you know you're still trying to make the squad although in today's NFL guys that are there are there and everybody else is just battling for those last few spots like Dan talked about but. there is there is value in time and there's value in a young quarterback and you know going into the second year as a starter under system anyway I should say a system that is going to be second year starter in. that you get timing down and you know they have gotten better at wide receiver now I'm tired and still a problem form running back is neutral mail anything neutral I don't think they're worse I don't think they're better than they were a year ago but the way they run their offense. so long as the little guy stays healthy cone they'll be fine because it is a deacon Dunkin murder colon or not vertical but sideways kinda offense where you wanna running back that can catch it out of the backfield but well I think there's a lot of optimism because and Dave McCumber the third round pick there's first traffic this year right I mean this I mean it's hard to tell because it. you know you're it's it's not you know a lot of teams are following that same weird logic to not plain starters and I don't understand that you know I I saw the game or Camden sprained an ankle but yet I saw the forty what is the sixty two now Tom Brady help they're still fly so I mean you know whatever I mean here's a guy that has won more Super Bowl than any quarterback in the National Football League and his coach has the common sense to still run the starters out and still play and they have a formula and they used to say right now NFL that. be all it's a copycat league well nobody's copy cat in the best team in the league and they've been the best for the last decade to say this what what twelve years now fifteen years they've been dominated the National Football League and. we do a lot of different ways tech last year they ran the ball and I I know you did it is a patently but last year the patriots gotten several because they ran the ball so just for the right reinvent themselves all the time just for the record the New England got eighteen seasons in a row where they've been over five hundred they won the AFC ten straight years they've been in the last eight AFC title games and Brady's going for number seven this year okay and just remember this and nobody thinks there's any value in the preseason game apparently anymore well guess what remember two years ago when the bears went to New England and they had orchestrated practices against each other okay that's a lot of drills and you know you do a little I don't seven and you do some pass rush on this one at the conclusion of practiced on two consecutive days when the bears. basically it left the field actually I I guess it's been three years now because Jay Cutler is a quarterback all the bears to go in the locker room okay Tom Brady and broadcast you go to one of the end zone and they run a series of about twenty. choice routes at the end zone getting their timing down and the last time I checked they were about as good as there's ever been on the planet and yet at the end of you know day for five in the in the pre season they're down there doing extra work now all those all those factors are you know contributing to the fact they have been great they've won ten straight divisions and because they know the value of timing and work and and being you know. concern with precision of the offense now we hope we hope this offense and and you know it it's hard time and what we have to talk about your biscuits some point but you know it's high time for today is going to make the next step we've all talked about that up until now beat he's basically been a construct you know they wanted to be the starting quarterback and always this thing is that not so fast he has to make the next step for this team to really become a bona fide Superbowl contender and not only that up until now that offense is really the star the play calling the offense in game plan the system we have that this is systemic you know the fact that they they know how to get me match ups and and take advantage of all that has to you know that all has to fall in place on Thursday night with virtually no live work I don't know how they plan to get it done not what we sure hope they do the market I know we got to go to a break here but you know this is one thing that would make you have to do I take it back to things stop grabbing true best ski on national television week after week pulling them over talking to a woman hugging him it is there about one minute before kickoff because you're on national television my god if that kid hasn't figured out and if you haven't coached them up by that time just stop doing that you want to talk to him talk to him in a tunnel talk to him in a locker room don't come out on that football field and put the charade on number two. let that. play football let our offense take over game and be dominant the last game we played here in Soldier Field against the eagles it's a team we could put twenty eight points on it. but they would let this kid have his way. no cuts on first quarter touchdown second quarter no touchdowns third quarter we find you score touchdown late in the fourth quarter and we wonder why the hell we lost the football game because our kicker double delight a field goal it never showed a cave down of that decade should have been over what that halftime. let's take a quick time out come on back your mid season form of the pre game show which is there's another pre game show by the way coming up on Thursday night but this is our free to the pre getting ready for the season. by the way I I I haven't seen all be since the double door like I think you I think you actually you're doing the Benjamin button getting younger thing you look like a I think it doesn't look like seven years younger ample absolutely. just a little while you're free Google or cash. there's a lot I I have my motivation. break you're gonna come over more touch. were old school nowadays they don't do anything a prison whatever to pre season. games that's right. even me and out to dry I I also I I do well I we are getting our timing down right here I also want to mention that Tom Brady just see you guys no always Selleck he's been playing at length over there the previous thrown twelve passes is eight for twelve in the preseason played in one game. that is twelve more passes that ate a but I just want to have that are running the world the world championships they they have they have. you know the way. only through toll passes okay thanks mark. and just what. I just want to get on the way you guys kind of late about celebrities playing every nicely thrown. they would get their timing okay. I was starting quarterback. down in the preseason..

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